• Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/z0WQ7e6LTMQ


  • Jason Nash

    Jason Nash

     21 days ago +1525

    Who should take the lie detector test next!?!??

  • Markus Krantz

    Markus Krantz

     4 days ago

    i dont trust that lie detector guy for shit hahaha , his in to many ppls vids

  • China Doll

    China Doll

     4 days ago

    I honestly don’t know how much I trust this lie detector guy, I feel like he just says whatever makes the most drama 😂

  • OFISYAL Kraken

    OFISYAL Kraken

     5 days ago +1

    Please Mr.Jason Nash Put David and Liza on lie detector and invite the entire vlog squad to ask questions. That will be lit. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Morrison Leeder

    Morrison Leeder

     5 days ago

    Vardon: "Bro cause Jonahs frustrating man"

    LMAO ! OMG

  • JadeKelleyE Tx

    JadeKelleyE Tx

     7 days ago

    Vardon is totally a young Josh Peck!

  • christine coughdrop

    christine coughdrop

     7 days ago

    Aww Varrdons growing up.

  • 700Bonnie


     7 days ago

    David spoils this kid and showers him with attention, of course he loves him more than his own brother and sister.

  • Cheyanne Lovelady

    Cheyanne Lovelady

     7 days ago

    Why does David drive with his leg up

  • Kyle Lambert

    Kyle Lambert

     14 days ago

    6:22 Jason sounds SO metrosexual talking about Erin's cat. "This is the thing, it's like, I'm a dog person, BUT, when I see a cat like thisss, th-thi-this is what I like, nice and chiiilllll, yeaahhh" as he is stroking the cat so sensually 😂

  • lil sof

    lil sof

     14 days ago

    Anyone know the outro song??

  • Kaitlyn Fielder

    Kaitlyn Fielder

     14 days ago

    "Biggest lie so far" lol! We love you Jason

  • Mia Me'Chele

    Mia Me'Chele

     14 days ago

    The cat from the meme 😂

  • Marc OP

    Marc OP

     14 days ago

    Jason eat healthier and workout cuz u looked great when u were ripped

  • Aly Rae

    Aly Rae

     14 days ago

    Vardons laugh is so adorable

  • Welp-Help


     14 days ago +1

    i cant tell if the lie detector guy is being serious or not, he always looks like he hates everyone

  • Sofia Cann

    Sofia Cann

     14 days ago +2

    I'm just realizing how much vardon has grown up

  • Ryan Elston

    Ryan Elston

     14 days ago

    Erin is bad as hell

  • Analoti


     14 days ago +7

    this kid is gonna grow up with a massive ego and trust issues

  • SofieNikitaverse


     14 days ago

    I try to hear what David or Carly is saying, but all I hear is Jasons chewing sounds