Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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    Director: Joshua Shultz & Lindsey Stirling
    Producer: Krizia Vega
    Editor: Lindsey Stirling

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  • Leonardo Davinci

    Leonardo Davinci

     8 hours ago

    At least you learned how to do on point, unlike certain actresses that take credit for other stunt doubles work "cough"Natalie Portman!"cough"

  • Leonardo Davinci

    Leonardo Davinci

     9 hours ago

    I am so jealous of your amazing body!!😭😭😭

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Johnny Sanchez


    I need an instrumental version of this song

  • Kendrick Perez

    Kendrick Perez

     2 days ago +3

    2019 and still my favorite version

  • hamster lover

    hamster lover

     2 days ago

    Such talent!!!!! Love to watch you dance, sing, and play the violin with the grace of a swan!
    Also, I love your dog!!!!!!! <3

  • AwesomeGirl 18661

    AwesomeGirl 18661

     3 days ago

    Can I just say that this song and video is wonderful? Lindsey has so much talent! I loved the dancing, the violin was a beautiful sound, just like in EVERY SINGLE LINDSEY STIRLING SONG EVER, and she has an amazing voice. Plus, I really loved the way that the video was shot.

  • Divine Pearl

    Divine Pearl

     3 days ago +1

    This song reminds me of Carol Burnett sing the "little girls" song from Annie. A little zany and exaggerated, but definitely having a good time with it.

  • Deanna Tangen

    Deanna Tangen

     4 days ago

    Love this song its wonderful upbeat variety of the original. Approval coming form the og santa baby keep up the awsome containten lindsey

  • Ashley Coleman-Liedlich

    Ashley Coleman-Liedlich

     5 days ago

    Oh u sing too! Giiiiirl. Triple threat.

  • Jason YJS_xoxo

    Jason YJS_xoxo

     6 days ago +1

    Looks cute...^^

  • Sasuke Kun

    Sasuke Kun

     7 days ago +2

    it's 2019 and I still love this song and the others s2

  • Chelley Roberts

    Chelley Roberts

     7 days ago

    I am in awe of the different beautiful violins in all your videos. And you make them sing like angels. Makes me feel like such a slacker with mine. 🥴

  • I_reverse_your ability_to_live

    I_reverse_your ability_to_live

     7 days ago

    I never liked this song but...
    You made it better

  • Фомин Сергей

    Фомин Сергей

     21 days ago

    cool song and voice

  • Ruben Omar Espinoza Hernandez

    Ruben Omar Espinoza Hernandez

     21 days ago


  • Johnny Ros

    Johnny Ros

     21 days ago

    I really can't wait until I see her once more! So adorable. ❤️



     21 days ago

    i went to your consert im such a fan

  • Becky King

    Becky King

     28 days ago

    Lindsey, you are amazing!! I love your music, and I love you!! I think the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to play and for you to play and dance and sing, blows my mind!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • Lou Ferrao

    Lou Ferrao

     1 months ago

    Love your talent Lindsey. What a beautiful voice. You go Giril!!

  • Mera Smith

    Mera Smith

     1 months ago

    I wish I had found this sooner! I thoroughly enjoy songs with your vocals, you have a beautiful voice!