Trump: "This is not a funeral, it is a celebration." AIM CATS

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Trump tweets: “this is not a funeral, this is a day of celebration.” Betsy and Thomas agree. Now let’s discuss China and the human harm of 5G. Read the tweets and learn about WAYMO ONE, the self-driving cab service ready to take the clueless to the re-education camps. Continue your citizen education here:

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  • Victoria Langford

    Victoria Langford

     a years ago +42

    Betsey you’re so right about Rhonda Romney. Yes, I will give money only to Trump 2020 election.

  • Mary Kilthau

    Mary Kilthau

     7 months ago

    aww I just love your kittens video. thank you...

  • buckeyebear


     10 months ago

    I drove by the WPAFB and what did I see on a building? S-E-R-C-O

  • John Bovay

    John Bovay

     10 months ago

    Jeff J. Brown
    Published on Jan 10, 2018
    China’s public Social Credit System versus the West’s secret Panopticon. China Rising Radio Sinoland - YouTube

  • Melissa Jennings

    Melissa Jennings

     a years ago

    Sry guys but fentanyl comes in through the ports, not Mexico, heroine, bootleg oxy, coke come thru Mexico. It is used as a prescription medication but is usually an extended release patch. There wouldn't be a supplier if there weren't the demand for it. People MUST recognize that FACT. There's no way to end the demand. If everyone who is SO weak of mind & spirit overdoses, it's nobody's fault but their own. Drug dealers don't look for people to sell to, they don't have to, people who want drugs seek them out!! I put my ex through rehab multiple times & ultimately divorced him because I couldn't take it anymore. No matter how far away I moved him from his supplier, he ALWAYS found a new one. His gateway drug? ALCOHOL! just saying...there are more ppl killed by alcohol than all the rest combined yet you can buy it on every street corner, legally.
    I haven't donated to the NRCC OR THE RNC since Bush Sr. I routinely donate to several PACs that support Trump but mainly to Great America PAC. Anyone who donates to the party is an idiot. The party neglects GA as a rule, had a chance to gain a House seat for the first time in 20yrs but blew it bc they didn't spend one thin dime on the Republican candidate. They wasted their money in areas everyone new they wouldn't win. They're STUPID!
    I'm definitely going to look into what you said about the Reagan presidency. I was never one of his enamored anyway, was too young then but he was the lesser of 2 evils, as are most Republicans which is why I end up voting that way instead of with my gut & brain. I would give up my beautiful sizable, real boobs if it would mean the dissolution of the 2 party system & just leave it open. Most all presidents have been crooked as all get out. I'm 53 & sick to death of all of them whether it's local, state or federal! I don't even wholeheartedly trust Trump, been burned too many times. I also want TERM LIMITS for ALL elected officials on all levels! Until we get that, we're going to keep going around & around in circles for eternity.

  • Brian Freeman

    Brian Freeman

     a years ago

    Fentanyl from China is creepy. I know it is very good when used properly, but China is not very good. They lie, cheat and they kill others & their own. I find a major American problem is the absolute lack of OTC painkillers. USA doesn't even have OTC Codeine. Why? Makes a great need for painkillers (black market types: & prices go up with lack of competition.) I can think of 2, 3, maybe 4 realistic methods for controlled use in confined areas. It isn't the Absolute No to all Pleasure drugs (pleasure is the only thing illegal drugs have in common, do the research!).
    People will want such items to use and only black market is available. That's a problem. If we made several low danger, pleasure inducing meds available with the ways out available, we could handle the situation and funds would stay here! BTW, people croak from opiates by lack of breathing. If oxygen is provided, the mind & body live & survive. I am not pushing agenda anything. I just didn't buy Just Say No and the DARE campaign (BS propaganda).
    It is a battle for another day, I think, but it can be done, and done right with far fewer casualties and less damage.
    In the meantime, let us clean out the Globalist crap holes & all minions!

  • Ryan B

    Ryan B

     a years ago

    I suspect the real reason we are seeing so much anti-5G propaganda is because it thwarts "stingray" surveillance due to the fact that 5G signals cannot be received anywhere except the location of the intended receiver due to the way signals are sent. Not all 5G is the same though so some implementations may not be using this method of making the signal disappear everywhere except at the location of the intended reciever and these less secure 5G implementations may be the ones to fear.

  • Debra Nichols

    Debra Nichols

     a years ago

    Bill Gates one of his Speeches. We can't save 70% of the People because they are Low Incomers.

  • Debra Nichols

    Debra Nichols

     a years ago


  • White Rabbit

    White Rabbit

     a years ago

    Just as we have a daily air quality report, we will need a 5G report. We need a 5G meter so we know if it's safe.

  • Brittania


     a years ago

    Anyone who trusts China is a Fool!!! Love that quote!....there are many in the west and Europe especially as they are practically in bed with China. Germany is practically as vassal of China with all their industry manufacturing having moved to a communist country, including R&D.

  • CreatorChannel


     a years ago

    Nazi Chrysler

  • vsells


     a years ago

    You’re Ever so right. We need to take China DOWN. They’ve no good intentions. We need to get China out of America. Another thing I’ve noticed is, they’re using so many of their people in our TV entertainment and media networks, which I don’t like looking at them, because of what they represent. I believe that’s a way of them trying to Brainwash and condition Americans into accepting them as normal in our Society. But no way will we Americans ever think of them as being one of us. They think they’re a Bunch of Tricksters. BOTTOMLINE, CHINESE ARE NEVER TO BE TRUSTED. Hoping America realize that, and stop allowing them to keep on buying up America, which leads to no good ending.

  • lisa zabriskie

    lisa zabriskie

     a years ago


  • lisa zabriskie

    lisa zabriskie

     a years ago

    He is well aware and won't allow 5G at Mar A Lago. After all, 12/21 (33), 2018(9/11) is 21 days after GHWB death and the winter solstice. This is a big ritualistic day and the occult # 21, is a powerful "dark" #. This good cop/bad cop act is all an "act" and with the government shut down on 12/21, this is all contrived and America will be brought down!

  • April Beyer

    April Beyer

     a years ago

    It will make suisiding people a snap !

  • Lana Carter

    Lana Carter

     a years ago

    Right on! Shout it from house tops,!

  • Joey C.

    Joey C.

     a years ago

    Betsy, regarding L.Graham, he just proved to me that we need to #CLEANHOUSE. They can not be "fixed"..their damaged goods? Nah they weren't good to begin with. The corrupt will never change.

  • Darker Sandman

    Darker Sandman

     a years ago

    Go|ogle 360°view was also re(cording the

  • Michael DeSilvio

    Michael DeSilvio

     a years ago +1

    It's a celebration! I suspect that the stinky bushes will secretly be buried at bohemian grove next to the forty foot owl headed demon statues of moloch and amon.