Umm Yeah That's Stuck! - Welker Farms Inc

  • Published on:  Monday, May 28, 2018
  • New Intro Video! Thanks to a very talented and good friend Matthew at Vision Media Pro! Check them out!

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  • Joan Klaczek

    Joan Klaczek


    Looks like soil the consistency of potters clay! A two wheeled tow-between grain cart makes it hard to unhitch when stuck. With a four wheel tow behind cart, it’s easier to unhitch the stuck tractor, and then pull the seeding unit out separately .

  • Saint Michael

    Saint Michael

     3 days ago

    Holy sh*t!!! That’s an impressive hole/rut. The farmer behind me gets mad if my ATV leaves marks in his field.

  • JacksonGeetarguy 97

    JacksonGeetarguy 97

     5 days ago

    Good ole coal rollin Cummins. Nothin roals coal like a ole Cummins

  • David Emerson

    David Emerson

     5 days ago

    My valtra and fendt never get stuck on your farm 😉

  • Klaus Karbaumer

    Klaus Karbaumer

     6 days ago

    The hubris of heavy machine operators a.k.a farmers of modern age, anything is possible with enough power, or not? Why care about ground conditions? !

  • Fontaine King

    Fontaine King

     7 days ago

    Constant work. Thank you!

  • Brian Mentzel

    Brian Mentzel

     7 days ago

    I'm from Huron, SD, and one of our neighbors had a Big Bud. I would always run out to the road, to watch him go by!

  • Sam Cuthbertson

    Sam Cuthbertson

     7 days ago

    Poor baby bud.

  • jaeger bomb

    jaeger bomb

     14 days ago

    Does the big bus not have locking diffs

  • Collin Swan

    Collin Swan

     14 days ago +1

    Big bud: gets stuck

    Welker farms: uses big bud to pull out big bud

    Me: laughs in air pollution

  • Alan Stant

    Alan Stant

     14 days ago

    He was really stuck. Thanks to having ways to get him out. It all worked out at the end tho.

  • Jeff Kingston

    Jeff Kingston

     14 days ago

    Got to love the mud

  • The Grumpy Farmer

    The Grumpy Farmer

     21 days ago

    Check out what stuck really looks like 😂

  • arlene gariepy

    arlene gariepy

     21 days ago

    How come you tried to pull it out with the load still attached?

  • Rob Ward

    Rob Ward

     1 months ago

    in that whole field why is that spot the abysmal sink hole 2 oblivion

  • Victory First

    Victory First

     1 months ago

    I can tell you that anything can get stuck. When I was in my early teens a bulldozer Cat D9 went down vertically in the swamp forty or fifty feet I guess. They never recovered the machine as when a crane came to get the dozer it could not get to the machine. They were stuck and it took a few days to remove the crane. The dozer fait is gone to mother earth recycle yard. Good luck and peace too.

  • Johan Last

    Johan Last

     1 months ago

    Nice job. Farming is not for the weak of heart and mind.

  • Michael Teeple

    Michael Teeple

     1 months ago

    Lot of force involved in pulling whats im sure close to 60 tons out of the mud. Breaking frames and axles isnt out of the question.

  • RailFan Connor611

    RailFan Connor611

     1 months ago

    All I do is just buy a tellahandler then lift it up. Easy Fix. Wait....This isn't Farming Simulator...

  • JayzR8


     1 months ago

    Praise Jesus