Joel Klatt reacts to final CFB Playoff rankings, New Heisman front runner | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Joel Klatt joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to discuss the final CFB Playoff rankings. Hear what Joel had to say about the final four teams. Plus, is Oklahoma's Kyler Murray the new front runner for the Heisman trophy.

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    Joel Klatt reacts to final CFB Playoff rankings, New Heisman front runner | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First
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  • First Things First

    First Things First

     a years ago +24

    Who will win the Heisman this season?

  • Ron


     11 months ago

    Joe Klatt with Chris Carter is like the best of the best its Gold. Klatt has to take over for Mike Mayock in football during the draft, combine, the Senior Bowl the Shrine game he is a must it has to happen YO it has to happen! That's the bottom line it has to !!

  • Lukie2131


     a years ago

    The SEC is the most overrated conference I agree with Joel why do they always get the benefit of doubt? The 2 best teams Clemson and Bama are playing for the championship I still think Ohio State should have been in the playoff

  • Jason Boyd

    Jason Boyd

     a years ago

    The highest ranked team at the end of the year in your conference should be champion and not have that game if notre dame don’t have to why should anybody

  • Oscar Evans

    Oscar Evans

     a years ago

    Look l don't play around, the numbers says it all. If you're not an Alabama fan, you hate Alabama with a passion. And despise the SEC. I see why:
    2018 - Pending, with an SEC in play to win it
    2017- Alabama, 2016- Clemson, 2015- Alabama, 2014- Ohio State, 2013- Florida State, 2012- Alabama, 2011- Alabama, 2010- Auburn, 2009- Alabama, 2008- Florida, 2007- LSU, 2006- Florida. Every year it's been the SEC except 3 years and those years was teams from different conferences. This has brewed unprecedented hatred inside of fans, coaches, former players, journalists, networks, analysts, traditional elite powerhouse blue blood programs, outside the SEC; particularly towards Alabama. Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan, USC, Texas, etc. It's gotten so desperate and pathetic for many of them, teams like Oklahoma have to hold onto wins against Alabama from years past to make it appear they are relevant and since they have nothing else to show for themselves. The truth is only the Clemson Tigers has been as consistent with the winning, playoff appearances, etc as Alabama. And had it not been for Alabama, Clemson would have 3 straight national championships and possibly going for 4 straight. Roll Tide Roll!!

  • Lamar Stevens

    Lamar Stevens

     a years ago

    “an average LSU team”... how many average LSU teams are in the ACC, Big12, Big Ten, and PAC 12? You don’t like the way LSU looks when they win football games. But try not to speak of them as if they lost all their games. “The games have to matter right?” LSU is everyone’s punching bag, becz we don’t have Leonard Fournette or Derrius Guice this season. Still the same 9-3 although. Still the 4th best recruiting class in America. Still not firing their coach or falling apart in general.
    Meanwhile teams like Washington and Texas get to lose to unranked teams do you know how deep you’d bury LSU if they lost to any amount of unranked teams? Do you realize how many top 20 and top 10 defenses LSU faced?naw you don’t care. Just remember LSU has two top 10 losses ... a top 10 blowout win... and a top 20 loss...Just lay off ... you don’t have to spit on them.

  • Brett Hobbs

    Brett Hobbs

     a years ago

    CC still knocking the Big 12, even though Oklahoma put up 48 points on Georgia, who was said to have the best defense in the NCAA. Big 12 doesn't play defense. They just try to do the best they can to stop some monster offenses.

  • Hunter Lewey

    Hunter Lewey

     a years ago

    If winning your conference matters so much why is Notre dame in?

  • Sushil Sehgal

    Sushil Sehgal

     a years ago

    I dont agree with them completely. Tua was out due to injury was not pulled. Game was not over so they cannot say he could have been the reason for loss . Tua shown in last year game and game against Auburn. He can easily score 3 touchdowns and win Alabama the game. Championship game should not be only deciding factor
    That was not fair way to judge.

  • Brandon Quinlog

    Brandon Quinlog

     a years ago

    nick wright should just stick with being in love with lebron. doesnt matter what sport it is, hes guaranteed to say something painfully stupid

  • Travis Addison

    Travis Addison

     a years ago

    Ucf is better than what ppl think. Ucf by at least 14

  • Mr Breeze

    Mr Breeze

     a years ago

    So let me make sure I got this right, if Bama, a team that has been OVERWHELMINGLY ranked #1 since preseason loses a close Championship game to the # 4 team (a team that a lot of folks think should have been in anyway) they shouldn't be in the playoffs??? You lost your mind a long time ago...

  • Charles


     a years ago

    Joel Klatt is the awesome, Go Buffs!

  • Reed Sawyer

    Reed Sawyer

     a years ago

    After a team loses, they STILL deserve to play in the playoffs? What about a team that beats every team that they face? Go Knights.

  • Crimson 19

    Crimson 19

     a years ago

    Wants teams to win a CC to get in but don’t argue the fact of Notre Dame being in lol

  • Joe Schmo

    Joe Schmo

     a years ago

    Unfortunately I can’t watch this video because I don’t speak GOAT. Klatt is the man

  • Youtube Tv

    Youtube Tv

     a years ago

    When did Alabama beat Georgia 45 to 28.....

  • Eric Chamberlain

    Eric Chamberlain

     a years ago

    I am suing dude until he changes his name to Hack. By far and hands down the dumbest man in college sports

  • Drew Bunch

    Drew Bunch

     a years ago

    What defenses did Kyler Murray score on this year?

  • Jerrod Martin

    Jerrod Martin

     a years ago

    There dumb they let bama go last year but they won't let the dawgs go when they are best 3 not 4 they are top 3 but because its the dawgs they can't go