Face Your Mother: The Clintons Edition

  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • James invites his guests Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to play a game of Face Your Mother, in which he asks them personal questions about each other, and the two must try and get matching answers. Hot tip: if you're hanging out at the White House, you can't order pizza.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vpYK8-BSp-c


  • Lisa Alaniz

    Lisa Alaniz


    This made me like the Clinton's more they are just like anyone else who knew they are cool and funny.

  • Honest Pleasure

    Honest Pleasure


    Chelsea is so uptight I want to scream

  • Donna Glaser

    Donna Glaser


    Chelsy is a jerk!

  • x Millstone

    x Millstone


    Holy shit James Corden conjured satan🙏🏻



     yesterday +1

    Question: Who has had more people killed?

    Chelsea: MOM

  • Sarah nicole

    Sarah nicole


    I find it funny that Chelsea was so offended when James asked if she drank or smoke while in the White House.

  • Jayda Taylor

    Jayda Taylor


    This would be great with the obamas

  • carissa Carissas

    carissa Carissas

     yesterday +2

    It would be hilarious if one of Hillary’s answers was “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

  • Shayna Ostercamp

    Shayna Ostercamp

     3 days ago +5

    Imagine going to your friends house and it’s the White House

  • Blueberry


     4 days ago +5

    Ever since hillary lost about half a year later she just stopped and laid back

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

     4 days ago

    37 trips to underage sex island

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

     4 days ago

    Clinton’s are the most corrupt family in America! How many woman were raped by Bill at his buddy Jefferys island

  • secretspywoman26


     4 days ago

    Hilary is the definition of badass grandma 🤣 I want to adopt her as my grandmother she is so fun and happy. God bless her.♥️

  • Val Purple

    Val Purple

     5 days ago

    i would love for her daughter to run for president

  • RapidObsessor


     5 days ago

    she has BIG grandma energy and i love it

  • Anna Girl

    Anna Girl

     5 days ago

    Hillary : my bucky
    Me : from marvel ?

  • Learn Bahasa Indonesia

    Learn Bahasa Indonesia

     6 days ago

    I like the fact that Secretary Clinton seems to be healthier now. She seems to have lost some weight and hope she keeps it off. And she looks more relaxed now.

  • Andrew Murray

    Andrew Murray

     6 days ago +3

    Mischievious isn’t a word, James. It’s mischievous. There’s no i after the e.

  • Kishan Raj

    Kishan Raj

     6 days ago

    Hillary : "you can't order pizzas whilst you're in The White House"

    Wait.. Wut?

    How's trump still alive man... Wtf..

  • Francesdanae


     7 days ago

    They couldn't have been more opposite and unrelatable. Dang. Growing up in that crowd must suck