What Happened to Jake Locker? (Why He REALLY Retired Early..Its Not What You Think)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Jake Locker was 1st round pick in the NFL draft. He retired early and its not why you think.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/uEn40RpnMqE


  • SparkyFister



    Do Troy Davis.

  • Chad Mulligan

    Chad Mulligan

     2 days ago +1

    Your show is dope, great narration and editing.

  • That Bastard Cruelty

    That Bastard Cruelty

     5 days ago

    How many Qbs have the Titans cycled through? It has to be 2nd to the Browns.

  • carlos williams

    carlos williams

     5 days ago

    Byron Leftwich

  • carlos williams

    carlos williams

     5 days ago

    NFL Iron men Mark Brunell & Marcedes Lewis

  • Dennis Robbins

    Dennis Robbins

     6 days ago

    Flemlo goes on a bit, enjoys making a 10 word point in 200 words or more. However, I never totally tune the guy out because more often than not, he does indeed, have a point.

  • Asmar Glenn

    Asmar Glenn

     7 days ago

    To me and for me, this is a wonderful story and also, why I enjoy your football programming and reporting so much, Brother Flemlo..... Peace

  • Schneider Peralte

    Schneider Peralte

     7 days ago

    What happened to Stacy Coley? The Hurricanes Phenomenon

  • Orlando Finnie

    Orlando Finnie

     7 days ago

    Hey bruh, another GREAT video!! This video just goes to show that $$$$ can't always make you happy.

  • BossFinale


     7 days ago

    He hated not being the best and couldn't ignore the criticism.

  • Paul McMillan

    Paul McMillan

     7 days ago

    Jake is now a coach on his old high school football team. Pretty cool

  • Jay Kell

    Jay Kell

     14 days ago

    Thank you for backing up your camera view! That was my only complaint about your channel is that your face was just a little too close lol. But keep up the good work man!

  • yougotservedyo


     14 days ago

    he was trash. he made a good move

  • ora et labora

    ora et labora

     14 days ago

    With 12 mil I can face retirement, a good choice.

  • James Robert

    James Robert

     21 days ago

    Jake told one of the news stations here in Nashville that he was going to retire so he could do more bass fishing! 😆

  • James Robert

    James Robert

     21 days ago

    Vince Young was just not an NFL caliber qb, he was a cry baby, faking injuries when it wouldn't go his way! You CAN NOT throw the ball side armed in the NFL!!! We were missing Steve McNair, he was sorely missed here when he retired!!

  • Gaetano Connell

    Gaetano Connell

     21 days ago

    This is one of the most high quality videos on YouTube from one of the most high quality youtubers congratulations on your success bro!

  • randy slagle

    randy slagle

     21 days ago

    Austin peay had the nation's longest losing record for a brick

  • Fat Prick

    Fat Prick

     1 months ago

    Good for him, I’m glad he enjoys life and what it offers instead of a mentally and physically taxing NFL life.

  • WickedTornado


     1 months ago

    Only somebody that's never been around a farm would ask a farmer "what do you do to keep busy?"  lol.   Me....I'm a 3rd. generation Nebraskan, from Nebraska farmer's roots. Believe me....if you farm....you're working from before sunup till after it's dark....and it's hard, hard work. Look at a farmer's 12-13yr. old sons....they grow up doing a MAN'S work at that age.