San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Lakers : December 5, 2018

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • LeBron James finishes with 42 points, five rebounds and six assists as the Lakers get their first win of the season over the Spurs, 121-113.
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  • Obslobougus


     a years ago

    I hate it because the spurs and Lakers are the two only teams I love so it's hard who to go for



     a years ago +1

    Man. Nearly every shot in that highlight video was LeBron. Wtf THEY LOST. show more SPURS and Demar and how they outplayed these Laker fucks! Lol still can't fucking win. The Spurs have always owned LeBron

  • Legoat James

    Legoat James

     a years ago

    lebron shoots 3 better than curry now im so fucking done this dude is God.

  • Lulu e Pedro

    Lulu e Pedro

     a years ago

    Kingjames 💪🏀

  • TooHigh2Riot562


     a years ago

    The L Train did that on purpose!

  • Ivan梦夫


     a years ago +2

    It seems long after Bruce Bowen's retirement, the Spurs are still learning from him as evident in their walking-under-the-guy-after-the-shot tactic. It is very dangerous and unsportsman like.

  • Moe Bazzi

    Moe Bazzi

     a years ago +2

    King Lebron Jame. You are the greatest Player ever touch a ball. You are the King.

  • Keylon Williams

    Keylon Williams

     a years ago +3

    News flash Bradley Beal n John wall just got traded to the Lakers...

    Still not gonna beat the warriors

  • J. Ramirez

    J. Ramirez

     a years ago +3

    Hate Lonzo all you want, but the dude tries...he’s not his dad. He actually wants to succeed the right way, through hard work, no talk

  • Wasabi Wasabi

    Wasabi Wasabi

     a years ago +3

    Demar experiencing PTSD every time he plays the lakers and LBJ 😂😭

  • Mai Vue

    Mai Vue

     a years ago +3

    My prediction Rams winning the super bowl and Lakers wining the nba championship.

  • ashley pyatt

    ashley pyatt

     a years ago +1


  • Amy Ni

    Amy Ni

     a years ago +4

    As usual, DeRozan is scared of James.The Raptors were lucky to be able to swap him for Leonard.

  • Thump 272

    Thump 272

     a years ago +3

    Is LeBron a point guard? LMAO

  • Tammy Richardson

    Tammy Richardson

     a years ago +7


  • Dean Talamantes

    Dean Talamantes

     a years ago +12

    I love how Bron has made the Lakers relevant and it def has that show time feel to it

  • Miserable Goat

    Miserable Goat

     a years ago

    Arrogance showing, let's see that same Arrogance when y'all go on a 3 or 4 game losing streak..

  • Christian Farley

    Christian Farley

     a years ago +7

    The NBA needs to start punishing players big time for stepping under players shots. Doesn't matter if intentional or not. You hurt a player by stepping under on a shot. You get a huge penalty!

  • MecHe 12

    MecHe 12

     a years ago +7

    Man Lebron is that guy no matter what nobody says 👍👍👍👍

  • Travis Osborne

    Travis Osborne

     a years ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed that labum picked up some charmin ultra soft fouls on every drive of his. Hats off to these "refs" who cater to the KING!? He's thankful for the accommodations. God knows he'll need the help this season.