Brock Lesnar sends R-Truth to Suplex City: Raw, Jan. 13, 2020

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • After 24/7 Champion R-Truth declares then undeclares for the Royal Rumble, WWE Champion and No. 1 Royal Rumble Match entrant Brock Lesnar sends him on a one-way trip to Suplex City.


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  • Sikandar Hayat

    Sikandar Hayat

     an hour ago

    Wtf Why block for Pakistan !
    WWE Sucks fake Show 🤬😠🤬

  • mnika voli

    mnika voli

     2 hours ago

    U know when rtruth can even makes Brock lesnar laughs he's funny as hell

  • Darion Hale

    Darion Hale

     3 hours ago +1

    R truth is definitely on drugs

  • Mr Skra

    Mr Skra

     3 hours ago

    Paul heyman’s promos never gets old

  • Mat PlaysGames 17

    Mat PlaysGames 17

     3 hours ago

    I think brock lesner will win

  • Joe Savage

    Joe Savage

     3 hours ago

    This was a perfect opportunity for someone to run out and pin R-truth for the 24/7 championship

  • The Marvel Guy

    The Marvel Guy

     4 hours ago

    R- Truth is the only one who can make your money worth it these days.

  • Tiernan Forde

    Tiernan Forde

     4 hours ago

    brock shouldn’t talk because his voice ruins his whole intimidation thing

  • The CraZed HuMor

    The CraZed HuMor

     5 hours ago

    I know it’s a “comedy role” but they are letting Ron (Truth) Free with this little stint with the title and its phenomenal he is actually killing it even thought they don’t want him to 😂

  • Bryan Pacheco

    Bryan Pacheco

     6 hours ago

    The truth shall set you free was R-Truth old gimmick

  • Pedro Guilbe

    Pedro Guilbe

     6 hours ago

    That's what's up

  • John Lehew

    John Lehew

     7 hours ago

    I love Brock Lesnar's voice that is how and what he is and I love his voice it does not sound like a girl I love him and his voice it doesn't sound like a girl and just ignore Brock that is what you do I love you Brock

  • Ribery088


     8 hours ago

    That was amazing!!!

  • eddy aquarius

    eddy aquarius

     9 hours ago

    Tik TOK is back😂😂

  • Emeka Mbah

    Emeka Mbah

     10 hours ago

    Brock seems like a really nice guy, see how he was laughing. 🙂

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

     10 hours ago

    Nobody: Brock lesner: That’s wussup!😂😂😂

  • EmPrEsS StArIfY

    EmPrEsS StArIfY

     10 hours ago

    Pause at 1:26 😂

  • Ken A

    Ken A

     10 hours ago

    He needs to bring back Lil Jimmy

  • Daniel Blankenship

    Daniel Blankenship

     11 hours ago

    I haven’t seen a segment this funny since the time gold dust made triple h and ric flair laugh 😂

  • David Welsh

    David Welsh

     16 hours ago

    I am so sick of Crock Lesnar marks! The same people claiming "he is so good for WWE" HATED on Hogan, Triple H, and so many others for similar behavior in the past. No.. doesn't work that way, tools!

    As for Brock actually selling this bit with R-Truth (who in his 40s is more respected and capable than Brock is right now...), he proved he does have a few things in his favor.. but R-Truth selling the F-5 when it hasn't been believable in almost a decade as a finisher was the highlight.