Artemis - Behind the Scenes

  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
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    Edited by: Sonny Alvarez & Lindsey Stirling

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     7 days ago

    You look better without makeup, than with makeup...something special there in the expression in your eyes, that gets out of you....
    I remember watching your first Video by accident was SHADOWS. Must be 6 or 7y ago.

    The fascination about the Shadowplay-Idea impressed me....and now look at you Lindsey :)
    I hope, all this stuff here, still gives you back nice and good things that you need to be happy....and well, we mostly all know its not about Money and at the end, most of us find out, its not even the Fame.

    So i can only hope to keep seeing more and more of you, and also that you find your happyness and love in the real world and moreover i wish you to find better, stronger and more beautiful versions of yourself, over and over boredom will never pass your path.

    o7 ( i salute you SpacePrincess™) have a nice 2020

  • Jp W.

    Jp W.

     14 days ago

    You are down to earth Lindsey beautiful spirit.

  • Reynold Nugter

    Reynold Nugter

     1 months ago

    This BTS video was a lot of fun! Thanks, Lindsey!

  • Emilio Grande

    Emilio Grande

     1 months ago

    good luck. love your stuff...

  • DaScorp


     1 months ago

    3:37 Rawwrr xD :D Love it! This Choreo os absolutely amazing!

  • homerjsimsoy


     1 months ago

    make up at the picnic table, lol

  • Paul Lewis

    Paul Lewis

     1 months ago

    It is so refreshing to see a successful lady who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Lindsey I really enjoy your positive attitude in everything you do. When I see people dislike your work it just means they need more time to look at themselves. Your focus determines your reality. Great work Lindsey!

  • Сергей Безымянный

    Сергей Безымянный

     2 months ago

    Without makeup, you're so ... sweet! You are super. Линдси, ты молодец)

  • Adriana Selene

    Adriana Selene

     2 months ago

    I Love You Lindsey!!!

  • Edward Emmerson

    Edward Emmerson

     2 months ago +1

    Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice ❤️❤️

  • Edward Emmerson

    Edward Emmerson

     2 months ago +1

    No animals were not harmed while making this movie ❤️

  • Алексей Землянский

    Алексей Землянский

     2 months ago


  • Joshua Cotton

    Joshua Cotton

     2 months ago

    Narcissistic female who sells fictional 'challenges' and recycles the same junk over and over

  • Jerry Lee

    Jerry Lee

     3 months ago

    I have watched this video more than just about any of her other videos.

  • Alex Alex

    Alex Alex

     3 months ago

    You really crazy and this is wonderful. Cool art.

  • ISeeNight


     3 months ago

    I was really mesmerized by the song itself that I didn't even notice the story throughout the video at first, but once I did, even more amazed. Great work Lindsey,

  • Antonio Banda

    Antonio Banda

     3 months ago +1

    🍄 saludos q buenos cortos metrajes artemis 🍄

  • s.M. c

    s.M. c

     3 months ago

    To think that I knew a lot about Greek mythology from waaay back in freshman yr in hs, & from the once hit movies Hurcules & the Percy Jackson movies...😅

  • TanzfitnessNET


     3 months ago

    Tanzende Grüße aus Deutschland :) Dancing Greetings from Germany :) I was on your Cologne Concert and i was really impressed.
    The Location for your Artemis Music Video is amazing and love your Choreography :)

  • Lady Járnsaxa of BlackWood

    Lady Járnsaxa of BlackWood

     3 months ago

    I love your hunter cosplay. And your melodies... When i hear you for the first time, i was hold by the sound. Now i hope to hear and see one of your concert one day in french occitania or in a fest. Long Live to your creativity.