Fixing The Combine... Again

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • The ground was frosty so we were not able to start combining corn right away. This was not an issue at all due to the fact we had some work on the 1988 Freightliner's trailer. After running around to gather materials, we got the semi wrapped up and then Pete Youngblut (AgLeader guy) showed up to put new height control sensors on the corn head. Murphy's Law was in full effect and everything was giving us issues.

    Bill Cran, the AgLeader Tech Specialist showed up to view how things were going. We also flew his drone around. Lets just say Dad is not an expert!

    We finally got the combine fixed, calibrated, running, and then picked for a few hours.

    Thank you for watching!

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    Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 1,700 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from Daddy Cornstar, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for both children and adults. Despite being 22-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.

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  • marvin nelson

    marvin nelson

     3 days ago


  • Mark Sellinger

    Mark Sellinger

     7 days ago

    What in the heck is a CRIK?! :-p Great job! Thank you for showing Americans what a hard days work is!

  • Justine Reynolds

    Justine Reynolds

     7 days ago

    That red tree by the main heated shop is glorious! 🙌🏼

  • Roy Witcher

    Roy Witcher

     21 days ago

    Did you replace the drag link on the trailor you broke yet

  • Robert Payne

    Robert Payne

     28 days ago

    Know the feeling My mind occasionally takes a vacation and forgets to leave a forwarding address

  • QuandomBUS


     1 months ago

    Good idea to use a jack between the wheels.  I know it's too late now, but you could've used a scissor jack instead.  Your cars should have one in them.   *Future reference.  =)

  • Dirt bikes With jakob

    Dirt bikes With jakob

     1 months ago

    You have a good combine go case I h

  • Tully Dog

    Tully Dog

     2 months ago

    Seems like the welder is always in the other shop! Comeon Lincoln! Pony up a pretty new welder for these guys!

  • Ethan Huber

    Ethan Huber

     2 months ago

    Your videos make me miss farming

  • Chevy_Girl_30


     2 months ago

    Lol the the scoring with your dads trailer

  • Jason King

    Jason King

     2 months ago

    Corn porn star job hazard...... "My arms getting tired so I'm going to switch hands..."

  • Fremount st songs Rich

    Fremount st songs Rich

     2 months ago

    Hi Cole you I love you vids! Could you some time go over how a colombine works prosesing the corn from stock to how it gets the kirnals in the ben. I am a city boy sorry and maybe there are other city people that might would like to know how one works. Thanks

  • Joyce Miller

    Joyce Miller

     2 months ago

    Hey....the other day Cooper was combining. Why wasn't he in school?

  • snoop alert

    snoop alert

     2 months ago

    I love you guys just wish my dad was still around, enjoy everyday

  • snoop alert

    snoop alert

     2 months ago

    Be advised you don't
    Combine corn you shell corn, you cut beans

  • snoop alert

    snoop alert

     2 months ago

    I've never owned a combine that I didn't have to fix new used slightly abused it don't matter

  • Daniel Cox

    Daniel Cox

     2 months ago

    Nice Aussie accent mate ;)

  • plane iron

    plane iron

     2 months ago

    please invest in a miller or lincoln welder

  • Raynona Bohrer

    Raynona Bohrer

     2 months ago

    Wow I just figured it out your dad is silly to! Lol and it does look like you both love each other very much. Old city lady.

  • Menno Goudbeek

    Menno Goudbeek

     2 months ago

    good work Cole