Lindsey Stirling Tour

  • Published on:  Monday, November 19, 2012
  • This tour was so much fun. I am planning on touring the world and I can't wait to come see EVERYONE. I will be announcing the dates and locations of my European tour soon and I will be doing a second US tour. I love you all and thanks so much for the support.

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    Cover photo taken by Tony Felgueiras

    Produced by Klepticenter Productions
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  • 李易龍


     11 months ago

  • Bolt74


     a years ago

    помнишь меня? я Павел, твой муж...

  • Bolt74


     a years ago

    научилась на скрипке играть или как?

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez

     a years ago

    Please come to Chicago......Pleeeease !!!!!

  • Snake Skorpion

    Snake Skorpion

     a years ago

    Gwiazd jest wiele ale Lindsey Świeci naj mocniej.

  • jeremy gaudry

    jeremy gaudry

     a years ago

    viive lindseyyy i luv u^^

  • B. Sarkar

    B. Sarkar

     a years ago

    Lindsey you are amazing. i dont have any knowledge of your country music but i understand music. i am indian. Lindsey is amazing

  • Corey Harvey

    Corey Harvey

     a years ago

    I saw Lindsey back when she came to Cortland New York to SUNY Cortland College and that's when her career was just starting.. It blows my mind to see how far she has gone!!

  • FunWithRobin


     a years ago


  • Riptide Gaming

    Riptide Gaming

     a years ago

    "Like Shakespeare's Puck".

    Never before has there ever been such an amazing compliment.

  • zuos halowarz

    zuos halowarz

     a years ago

    i LOVE YOU LINDSEY i am you begest fan

  • Алексей Бедринский

    Алексей Бедринский

     2 years ago

    im love))

  • Cory Morris

    Cory Morris

     2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure this was the first tour I was planning to see her on and it was sold out, then moved to a bigger venue and sold out again... someday I will go to one of your shows. You've been a favorite since maybe 2011 or 2012, pretty sure the LOTR or Zelda medley was the first time I heard of you and became a fan

  • Jack Goddyn

    Jack Goddyn

     2 years ago

    Please Tour in Australia Lindsey!! We Would love to Have you Play! :) :)

  • Елена Курунина

    Елена Курунина

     2 years ago

    Вау Линси!!!!!! --$

  • Sathapon Boonsanong

    Sathapon Boonsanong

     2 years ago


  • Gerardo Zambrano

    Gerardo Zambrano

     2 years ago

    Still amazing, LOVE <3

  • Pikavoli 10

    Pikavoli 10

     2 years ago

    I love you so much lindsey. I really want you come gère un Québec do a show. My best friend and I love you😍😘

  • Allen A

    Allen A

     2 years ago

    Everything that the audience members said is completely true. I think Lindsey is awesome!

  • Mr Byson

    Mr Byson

     2 years ago

    Well Lindsey You did it right, you are bigger then the most People think XD