Can a Car RUN Through a GARDEN HOSE?? (DO NOT TRY)

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
    McFarland Science is BACK IN ACTION... today didn't go so well!
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  • Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

     4 months ago +1876

    Y’all just wait. We got an Elco video AND a Dale Truck vid on the way 🇺🇸

  • Aviator Dylan

    Aviator Dylan

     14 days ago

    They need to hook a car up to an air compressor and run it off that pressurized air

  • RetroX


     14 days ago

    Attach end of the hose to a buoy and drive underwater

  • Hy Ho

    Hy Ho

     14 days ago

    Spun a bearing ... yer hosed

  • Elementti


     14 days ago

    Always something beeps in the background, really annoying

  • brady smith

    brady smith

     14 days ago

    Its posibl

  • Dwayne Maddog

    Dwayne Maddog

     21 days ago

    I guess a car could run through a garden hose if the hose was large enough or the car was small enough

  • Fallen Bros

    Fallen Bros

     21 days ago

    put a plunger on the end and pull out a dent

  • Chris Mason

    Chris Mason

     21 days ago

    Shit we dont need crap like 'red or black keys' or 'valet mode' or any of that. Just use different length garden hoses.

  • Richie Redick

    Richie Redick

     21 days ago

    i think a cool science channel video would be to put a coupler on a hair dryer and see how big of a horsepower decrease it would cause with full hot air running to the engine

  • Jay Church

    Jay Church

     21 days ago

    I just wish we could have seen the test without the intake hose collapsing. We dont know how much of it was being choked out by the garden hose or the collapsed intake hose. Still cool though it would be awesome to come hangout a day at your shop.

  • Bridget Steed

    Bridget Steed

     21 days ago

    plumb the hose into the exhaust

  • Tom Monroe

    Tom Monroe

     a months ago

    and now you have trashed engine way smart

  • pospc2


     a months ago

    We want to see that motor get tore down.
    Will make you a deal on a running 5.4L intech engine. Would be dope to see a 5.4 swap in that.

  • Andy Reyes

    Andy Reyes

     a months ago

    You guys should try boosting an engine with a strong air compressor

  • CMDR Boom

    CMDR Boom

     a months ago

    This is exactly why this channel DID NOT NEED a jet turbine car...

  • Keith Varner

    Keith Varner

     a months ago

    Build a hot carbureted all mechanical 302 and put it in that Mustang.

  • Keith Varner

    Keith Varner

     a months ago

    I did not like seeing that good Mustang engine being abused like that. Please blow up a Ford Focus next time.

  • Fishing Freshandsalt

    Fishing Freshandsalt

     a months ago

    Hook the air compressor up to it with the hose and make some boost!!

  • Paul Michael May

    Paul Michael May

     a months ago

    Try this