What happened when Anish Giri offered a draw to Magnus Carlsen on move 4!

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • In round 10 of Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019 Magnus Carlsen offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi on move 5 and the Indian GM accepted it. In the next round itself, round 11, Anish Giri was pitted against Carlsen. Anish played 1.d4 and offered a draw after his fourth move! If Magnus can offer a draw on move 5, why can't Anish offer it on move 4! Did Magnus accept the draw offer or not? Check out in this exciting video!

    Video: ChessBase India

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/qkdPE6Rpfmg


  • ChessBase India

    ChessBase India

     7 days ago +1800

    To everyone who thinks there was no draw offer, please check 0.24 seconds. After 4.Nc3 Anish offers a draw, Magnus declines it and plays on.

  • Monique Oneal

    Monique Oneal

     17 minutes ago

    Thought the guy on the left was Mclovin

  • Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo

    Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo

     29 minutes ago +1

    Every YouTuber’s unoriginal and unfunny and overused comment nowadays.
    “See you guys in 10 years to get this video recommended again!” “Who else got recommended?” “Welcome to another episode on “why this video is recommended?”

  • Singh Anmol preet

    Singh Anmol preet

     36 minutes ago +1

    What happened? He continued to play, thats what happened. You guys are clickbaiting scammers, never gonna click your videos again thanks for wasting my time.

  • Barry Francis Murphy

    Barry Francis Murphy

     an hour ago

    Wtf are we watching??!?!

  • Adam Svennningsson

    Adam Svennningsson

     an hour ago

    Is it just me or does Magnus resemble Tyrion from GoT?

  • Mossie Whelan

    Mossie Whelan

     an hour ago

    Haven't a clue how I ended up at this. One min I'm watching joey Diaz then booom cnt stop watching chess 🙈

  • FFmusic


     an hour ago

    Why he has put the kings on center of board?

  • Matthew C

    Matthew C

     an hour ago

    You all witness history and didn't even know it was happening. What's wrong with people

  • David Strager

    David Strager

     an hour ago

    Those people watching in the stands are literally just staring at nothing.

  • Don Walsh

    Don Walsh

     2 hours ago

    I wish they would zoom out so can see which arena they are competing in....

  • MASTah 0115

    MASTah 0115

     2 hours ago

    Can't stop coughing while watching.

  • Ash G

    Ash G

     3 hours ago

    Someone in the audience was guiding the player by coughing.......who among these two got the millions ???

  • Niksimeo04


     3 hours ago

    11 minutes if people fking coughing and those kids in the back fighting each other about who rests his hand on the chair

  • Cade Yare

    Cade Yare

     3 hours ago

    Nice played game fans of chess give it a thumbs up

  • Bramha's Astra

    Bramha's Astra

     3 hours ago

    Just realized that Anish Represents Netherlands!

  • Lukey D

    Lukey D

     4 hours ago

    Full read that as Asian girl

  • J Packard

    J Packard

     4 hours ago


  • J Packard

    J Packard

     4 hours ago

    Chess. A thinking man’s game. Love it.

  • remi moses

    remi moses

     4 hours ago

    Sounds like a Doctors waiting room!! Everyone coughing and retching.