Welcome to Fortnite SKYBLOCK!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • Today we play Skyblock but this time its in Fortnite!
    Island Code: 2277-3420-1933
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  • Branson Nielsen

    Branson Nielsen


    Gifting next 50 subs

  • John Ellias

    John Ellias


    Lachlan, destroy the spawned of the ai bots

  • TheHockeyMan49


     3 days ago

    I played fortnite skyblock

  • apple milkshake

    apple milkshake

     7 days ago

    Can u shave ur beard

  • Jupuxford Poopy

    Jupuxford Poopy

     7 days ago

    Big brains but...ur mum gay

  • YUNGXKOMA _2215Xx

    YUNGXKOMA _2215Xx

     7 days ago

    1 Like= 1 Hair grows on his FACE

  • Skull Reaper

    Skull Reaper

     7 days ago

    shoot the the thing that spawns the sentry

  • Team MG

    Team MG

     7 days ago

    ok Boomer

  • Riha_n Gamin_g

    Riha_n Gamin_g

     7 days ago

    Beard is bad.2020?

  • MIkah Busquets

    MIkah Busquets

     7 days ago

    To win

  • MIkah Busquets

    MIkah Busquets

     7 days ago

    The reason they want you to check to see if there is anything on the back of the sign is because they thought you would see the hole that Lachlan shot at

  • M Otte van der Maas

    M Otte van der Maas

     7 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Lucas Carlo Franceschi

    Lucas Carlo Franceschi

     14 days ago

    Wow they did this so incorrectly xd they didnt even score the jewel! fun tho

  • Samantha Downes

    Samantha Downes

     14 days ago

    Okay Boomer

  • Will Martin

    Will Martin

     14 days ago

    The jewel was meant for the roof of the house there was a capture area where you had to return the jewel boi

  • Leslie Mundt

    Leslie Mundt

     14 days ago

    whats the world code

  • Ye Boi

    Ye Boi

     14 days ago +2

    Boomer: hey com me: ok boomer

  • David Schofield

    David Schofield

     14 days ago

    lachlan has a beared!

  • Gaming with Gonzales

    Gaming with Gonzales

     14 days ago

    A cool game mode

  • Brenden


     14 days ago +1

    He watched the walkthrough