Custom JBL SPEAKERS! 🔊🎨 (pleasing)

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • MERCH!!

    Thanks for watching !! SuBScRiBe! :-)

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  • WLS Salty

    WLS Salty

     11 minutes ago

    You should try making a black red and white one

  • Rhea Terner

    Rhea Terner

     17 minutes ago

    That speaker looks so cool!!

  • Criss Cardenas

    Criss Cardenas

     22 minutes ago +1

    Hijoooooo jaja

  • Big D

    Big D

     22 minutes ago +1

    Bruh can you customize my jbl?? Haha

  • Gxorge


     25 minutes ago

    0:49 do u forget to wash ur hands after u pooped

  • Filip Rafajlovski

    Filip Rafajlovski

     27 minutes ago

    Are you from Serbia if u are from Serbia najaci si brate

  • シ

     29 minutes ago

    Omg this edits bro... 🔥🤙🏻

  • Simon Berntsson

    Simon Berntsson

     33 minutes ago

    I wonder how this affects the sound quality.

  • Matthew Schell

    Matthew Schell

     49 minutes ago

    Do another origami

  • Loucius Betancourt

    Loucius Betancourt

     55 minutes ago

    Teacher: who knows how to paint

    Students: my parents know how

    Me: Marco

  • HyperDuo


     an hour ago +1

    this man be doing crazy painting for the viewes

  • Lara Hesse

    Lara Hesse

     an hour ago +1

    Teach me how to edit bc your edits are on point

  • Chuck BRUH XD

    Chuck BRUH XD

     an hour ago +1

    1:34 i nearly shit myself



     an hour ago +2

    Whats the name of the beat

  • Shaelyn Zandstra

    Shaelyn Zandstra

     an hour ago +1

    hEy MaRkO iM gEtTiNg ThReE MeRcH hOdDiEs FoR mY BdAy

  • Goofyhigh vibe

    Goofyhigh vibe

     an hour ago +1

    Let me buy that jbl boom pow speaker if you widdit. Im dead serious lmk.

  • zNuvo


     an hour ago +1

    Make something for your mom

  • Jayden Brown

    Jayden Brown

     an hour ago

    I subscribed!!

  • Lyle Murdoch

    Lyle Murdoch

     an hour ago

    This kid just gets better and better

  • thomas tolster

    thomas tolster

     an hour ago

    Its a shame the speakers fucked cus its all covered in paint