Growth with Gucci: A Conversation with Gucci Mane and Charlamagne Tha God

  • Published on:  Monday, October 21, 2019
  • On 10/17 Charlamagne Tha God sat down with Gucci Mane to discuss his evolution, how his wife made him a better man, staying drug free, losing friends, some of his regrets and so much more!!!

    Gucci himself said this might be the realest interview EVER!

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  • Peace Of Her OliveTree

    Peace Of Her OliveTree

     19 minutes ago

    If they say skreet one mo time☝🏾

  • Mike C

    Mike C

     28 minutes ago

    Char u suck

  • Unique Personality

    Unique Personality

     an hour ago

    Gucci out here fucking with Angela Yee meanwhile his son living in government housing! Nigga ain’t grew none! Stop 🛑 trying ya drag Yee and get yo son a crib. Growth and development this chump simple

  • Lord Pretty Britney

    Lord Pretty Britney

     8 hours ago

    It’s okay Gucci I get cocky and get angry at the world too even tho I never made millions and I never been to jail man ppl come for me when I try to positive ppl be tryna start shit but aye don’t ever break up with Keyshia , y’all are so cute , y’all are a beautiful couple I don’t ever want y’all to break up , love isstrength , hate is weakness

  • White Devil

    White Devil

     9 hours ago

    There's so much more depth to Gucci; unfortunately the interviewer's poor inference and conversational pivoting detracts from from this.

    Also... Reading from kind of scrunchy bits of paper. Bruh. Read the situation, not the script, awkwardly with poor timing. And, not, listening, properly. Weird kind of moral / spiritual questions that, are... very basic and don't follow up or even try and explore that which was asked.

    Gucci's strength of character and personality; with the breadth of life experiences and hard learned knowledge shines absolutely. As I hope it does always.

    Real talk but:

    Interviewer cunt needs to level up, can't roll with a level 9000 trap God.

  • Mr247star


     9 hours ago

    This is the REALIST interview I've heard an artist do

  • M Rouge

    M Rouge

     22 hours ago +1

    I have never commented before, but I’m annoyed that ya’ll are allowing yourselves to be pulled one step back over BS! Only came to this interview to hear his side... I couldn’t turn away bec Mr. Gucci was so great at explaining his growth, recognizing his mistakes, taking responsibility for it all and explaining how he is able to move forward. I had forgotten all about the A. Yee and D.J. Envy drama. That was until he literally switched/reverted back to day before jail Gucci. CM, Yee, Gucci and Envy are all being ridiculously immature about this whole thing. CM bec he didn’t use that moment to deescalate the situation and stand up for what’s right. Yee is showing how insecure she is in this moment for entertaining his comments that she to a degree provoked as clear as day from the original Morning After video. Gucci is reacting too hard. He has a right to be upset with both Yee/Envy for bringing up or insinuating old news about his wife’s past relationship, but he’s going about it wrong. The entire interview he looked and sounded like a man and when commenting on them he looked weak and petty. You fans and well wishers saw they video, it’s clear that she was flirting etc. DJ Envy and the court shenanigans took it too far even though it was all jokes. We need y’all all to be mature Kings and Queen(s) and resolve this the right way. Not for us; fans/randoms/haters of all things good aka trolls, but for yourself and your kids. Your platform is too big. CM do better, bec your time is now. There is no space for you or Mr. Gucci to revert and miss the opportunities that y’all have worked so hard for. Maybe Mrs. Keisha should remind all of you of what’s on the line. Yo “BLACK EXCELLENCE” or more BLACK DIVISION?!

  •  23 hours ago

    Great interview. Big up Gucci.

  • Hella Mel 2g

    Hella Mel 2g


    That boy bout to hit the stage now at The Fox. #livefromtheD #GuWap




    Wow. this some special shit gucci is a awesome dude! big up mane

  • iamravsandhu



    This is a good interview with a brilliant man....

  • Mycheal Williams

    Mycheal Williams


    Im Honestly Proud Of Gucci . Grew up of his Music And To See Him Like This Makes Me Wanna Take Life More Serious




    i hope he slap the fuck outta envy!!! he is a bitch tho!!!!lmaooooo




    im so proud of gucci mane!!! sober and making money!!!!




    Dis foo stupid

  • john k

    john k

     yesterday +1

    factz.. this brother is mature..and real.. #respect that  man

  • Raoul ymcmb

    Raoul ymcmb


    Gucci is the boss.

  • pretty J

    pretty J

     2 days ago

    Good interview..why people think that u didn't take up for Yee and DJ Envy...i think u did nothing wrong.u an interviewer.u remained neutral..which is what you was suppose to do...



     2 days ago

    ITS ABOUT GROWTH 🤣🤣 😩 the real Gucci came back in the end 🤣🤣👌🏽 CTG 🙏🏾

  • Ruby Stone

    Ruby Stone

     2 days ago