The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Humans are the only Earthlings with complex language. But at what cost was that ability acquired? In this episode, I visit Tetsuro Matsuzawa to learn about his influential cognitive tradeoff hypothesis.

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  • pito cochino

    pito cochino

     9 hours ago

    16:41 hes like silly americans

  • Alexander Brandt

    Alexander Brandt

     16 hours ago

    Um... but Michael never trained this cognitive task. Are they seriously drawing these conclusions without having a human train the tasks? What makes them think a human can’t learn to recognize 9 numbers at a glance in this game if they haven’t tried training? How many of you can solve chess puzzles in under 3 seconds? Answer: Only those who trained it

  • Herno




  • xtreme _69

    xtreme _69


    Man ai mostly got errors from misclicks

  • Walter Reed Jr

    Walter Reed Jr


    I would like to be a student of mindfield university

    I was reading the title as "The cognitive tradeoff hypnosis"

  • David Timothy P

    David Timothy P


    I just came from season 2, and you better believe how glad i was to see the comments are not turned off
    I felt like that locked in syndrome trying to communicate but with no way to do it

  • Mathewgene HONEYSETT

    Mathewgene HONEYSETT

     2 days ago

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  • amritansh rai

    amritansh rai

     2 days ago

    Congo for 15M sir.....

  • Blue Skies Gacha

    Blue Skies Gacha

     2 days ago

    Is there a website that can recreate this sort of test? (Not at Ayumu's speed of course)

  • Killer66z


     3 days ago

    Ye actual comments

  • Oddivia


     3 days ago

    Ayumu is sucha Chad ;)

  • Oisín McGarr

    Oisín McGarr

     3 days ago +2

    Sharing is what makes us us.

    Communism intensifies

  • Mango Blaze

    Mango Blaze

     4 days ago

    So interesting! Makes me wonder if my especially crap (even for a human) short term memory makes me less similar to a chimp

  • Colonel Aleph 0

    Colonel Aleph 0

     5 days ago

    U H O H S T I N K Y

  • GodAsAcartoon TheRealSantaClaus

    GodAsAcartoon TheRealSantaClaus

     5 days ago

    What if one of the humans wears a "Please Remind Me To Breathe" shirt,cap, henna tattoo for 5 years everyday in the city.
    What if one of the #KnowTards wears a "Please Remind Me To Breathe" shirt,cap, henna tattoo for 5 years everyday in the city.
    What if Michael wears a "Please Remind Me To Breathe" shirt,cap, henna tattoo for 5 years everyday in the city.
    Yeah Butt: All of you are very boring and weak AND INNOCENT AND FORGIVEN.

  • Mikooljohn


     5 days ago

    6mill years ago.. qe had jesus

  • Mikooljohn


     5 days ago +1

    I miss the comment section lol!!!

  • Mikooljohn


     5 days ago +1

    Thank god, i cant cease myself not to talk about this in the comment. Thanks for openning the box for us :D

  • Kenig_der_Alpen


     5 days ago

    Thanks for making this free first of all. Secondly you were good on your first try, that chimpanzee literally did this all his life. It’s like playing literally any multiplayer game for the first time. Don’t you think you can play a game 6 times better after a while?!

  • Venkat sai

    Venkat sai

     5 days ago