She's Driving the Tractor Today

  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 19, 2019
  • She Didn't Flip It-Becky drives the grain cart for her first time and did great! It won't be long before she'll be on her own. The dryer had us a bit nervous at the end of the day. Thankfully there was no fire.

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    Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
    With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.

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    Becky Johnson
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  • Chaz McClendon

    Chaz McClendon

     12 hours ago

    You should Show her how to Operate a combine

  • Dennis Downes

    Dennis Downes

     13 hours ago

    The old guy uses a flashlight.......the young guy uses his phone as a flashlight. Millennial is right! Good video! DD

  • Zane Nelson

    Zane Nelson

     3 days ago

    Miss melinaial farmer has such a Minnesota accent. My uncle farms and lives In Minnesota and his wife is from New Jersey and sounds like your wife

  • DeereX748


     6 days ago

    That's one helluva farm girl you got there, Zach.

  • Jacques Huisamen

    Jacques Huisamen

     6 days ago

    Two best friends married. Great combination.

  • John Turner

    John Turner

     7 days ago

    She is doing it when she is in the cab by herself. I'm guessing you know you married way above your station in life.

  • John Turner

    John Turner

     7 days ago

    You need cameras, on the end of the augers. With light.

  • John Turner

    John Turner

     7 days ago

    I don't know what your wife's schedule is for giving you a beating but it sounds like she may have take a second look at it.

  • Up North Yooper

    Up North Yooper

     7 days ago

    There is nothing like a pretty girl in a tractor.

  • Jacob Spannbauer

    Jacob Spannbauer

     7 days ago

    Hats off to u Zach it’s amazing to see there’s still a couple that enjoys doing what the other loves to do so hats off to you Zach

  • John Cano

    John Cano

     7 days ago

    Seriously this is cool to watch. Thanks for sharing what its like being a modern farmer.

  • Jason Mercer

    Jason Mercer

     7 days ago

    I wish I was brought up on a farm.I would love to work my own land and work from home but sitting in rush hour traffic 2 times day is fun as well . "NOT"...

  • Chuppster


     7 days ago

    You guys must have the best job in the world 👌

  • Dan Wake

    Dan Wake

     14 days ago

    those radios are really clear. digital?

  • Glen Baker

    Glen Baker

     21 days ago

    Nice video, Thxs for posting, don't know way it took you a few days to post this, it's not like you have anything else to do but farm a bit, hi, I never farmed much but if it's like any other owner ran job you are always short of help or broke down or a day late, keep safe,, gb

  • Carson Rudkin

    Carson Rudkin

     21 days ago

    Congrats you are on the news to day. You are one of my favorite you tubers.👍👍

  • Aaron Garrett

    Aaron Garrett

     21 days ago

    Why don’t you do something about the shaff under the dryer

  • usaboy55


     21 days ago

    What channel do farmers use on CB?

  • Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver

     21 days ago

    So you are teaching your daughter to drive?

  • Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver

     21 days ago

    Is this Farm Road Truckers.