Collin Sexton Shows Stephen Curry&KD He Can't Be Guarded&Earns Respect From Crowd!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Jason Calhoun

    Jason Calhoun

     2 months ago +1

    Rest In Peace Fred mcloud

  • Cleveland we the best

    Cleveland we the best

     8 months ago

    Keep working Collin Sexton fuck these youtube haters fam keep on working on ur game fam it will pay off fam

  • Explorethe Worldmusic

    Explorethe Worldmusic

     9 months ago

    Collin Sexton 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🙌🏽



     10 months ago

    If only cavs played like this in the 2017 finals

  • country boy

    country boy

     10 months ago

    An the land lost by 20 lol

  • quincy mitchell

    quincy mitchell

     11 months ago

    And then second half happened

  • Tee sleazey

    Tee sleazey

     11 months ago

    Damm now they gonna try to ride his dick this nigga really good tho everybody hating on him too

  • Yrn Trenton2

    Yrn Trenton2

     11 months ago

    Lol two 3s big deal 😂

  • 제이슨신


     11 months ago

    0:32 lol

  • 202eyeballing


     11 months ago

    If I was a player I would taunt Sexton until we make a bet and if my team wins I get to cut that little shit turd off the back of his neck! Like wtf is it there for? Good luck I guess?
    Shit turd braid= rabbits foot 😂

  • Kevin P

    Kevin P

     11 months ago +1

    Warriors vs Eastern Conference Defending Champs!

  • DanielTV


     11 months ago

    0:34 we aren’t gonna act like this dude curry didn’t make Sexton suck his cock?

  • Erick Concepcion

    Erick Concepcion

     11 months ago

    Who is sexton? This video does not mske him famous. Nonsense. Trash.

  • gengar hide-self

    gengar hide-self

     11 months ago

    His bitch!!! 2017 (3-1) 2018(4-0) they nothing this year!!!!

  • Jsv598


     11 months ago

    Didn’t curry have 47 points? Looks like curry is the one who can’t be guarded

  • Teng Loayon

    Teng Loayon

     11 months ago

    He can't be guard but gives curry 40+ points

  • Alex Joan

    Alex Joan

     11 months ago

    You mean curry*** slippery

  • G-FIRM-456


     11 months ago

    The Rodney Hood Shot looked like an NBA Streets Vol. 2 Game Breaker

  • Roy Mabanag

    Roy Mabanag

     11 months ago

    Cancer comentator... #bias

  • Ced Mc

    Ced Mc

     11 months ago

    then they lost by 20 points lol