Collin Sexton Shows Stephen Curry&KD He Can't Be Guarded&Earns Respect From Crowd!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Jason Calhoun

    Jason Calhoun

     4 months ago +2

    Rest In Peace Fred mcloud

  • Cleveland we the best

    Cleveland we the best

     10 months ago

    Keep working Collin Sexton fuck these youtube haters fam keep on working on ur game fam it will pay off fam

  • Explorethe Worldmusic

    Explorethe Worldmusic

     a years ago

    Collin Sexton 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🙌🏽

  • Al AWS

    Al AWS

     a years ago

    If only cavs played like this in the 2017 finals

  • country boy

    country boy

     a years ago

    An the land lost by 20 lol

  • quincy mitchell

    quincy mitchell

     a years ago

    And then second half happened

  • Yrn Trenton2

    Yrn Trenton2

     a years ago

    Lol two 3s big deal 😂

  • 제이슨신


     a years ago

    0:32 lol

  • 202eyeballing


     a years ago

    If I was a player I would taunt Sexton until we make a bet and if my team wins I get to cut that little shit turd off the back of his neck! Like wtf is it there for? Good luck I guess?
    Shit turd braid= rabbits foot 😂

  • Kevin P

    Kevin P

     a years ago +2

    Warriors vs Eastern Conference Defending Champs!

  • DanielTV


     a years ago

    0:34 we aren’t gonna act like this dude curry didn’t make Sexton suck his cock?

  • King Krung

    King Krung

     a years ago

    Who is sexton? This video does not mske him famous. Nonsense. Trash.

  • gengar hide-self

    gengar hide-self

     a years ago

    His bitch!!! 2017 (3-1) 2018(4-0) they nothing this year!!!!

  • Jsv598


     a years ago

    Didn’t curry have 47 points? Looks like curry is the one who can’t be guarded

  • Teng Loayon

    Teng Loayon

     a years ago

    He can't be guard but gives curry 40+ points

  • Alex Joan

    Alex Joan

     a years ago

    You mean curry*** slippery

  • G-FIRM-456


     a years ago

    The Rodney Hood Shot looked like an NBA Streets Vol. 2 Game Breaker

  • Roy Mabanag

    Roy Mabanag

     a years ago

    Cancer comentator... #bias

  • Ced Mc

    Ced Mc

     a years ago

    then they lost by 20 points lol



     a years ago

    In A few years curry well be his bitch. Especially if he has to guard him... networth yell