• Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in one of the most remote stretches of wilderness in all of Japan… and they come across none other than the Japanese GIANT Hornet! This creature injects venom in such a high dosage that it can destroy tissue and attack the nervous system of its victim. Will Coyote be able to stand the pain as he finds out just how nightmarish this hornet’s sting really is?

    Get ready, you’re about to see Coyote enter the Sting Zone yet again… and get STUNG by a Japanese GIANT HORNET!

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  • Brave Wilderness

    Brave Wilderness

     11 months ago +21063

    Well he finally did it, Coyote got stung by the infamous Japanese Giant Hornet! Besides the sting, tell us one thing you learned that you didn’t already know about these huge insects!

  • Lost' Foxy

    Lost' Foxy

     2 hours ago

    6:11 twerking hornet?

  • Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un

     8 hours ago

    Coyote: in pieces on the ground

    Mark: “should we be concerned?”

  • Bertram Bugge-Hansen

    Bertram Bugge-Hansen

     14 hours ago

    Coyote: I should not die

    Me: 😱

  • TheJsideGaming


     15 hours ago

    whats that music at 7:17 ??? someone link me please

  • Not Kian

    Not Kian

     18 hours ago

    11:18 here u go

  • Themi P

    Themi P

     19 hours ago

    Japanese Giant Hornet is a delicacy in North East India, especially in Manipur State. The Tangkhul people risk their life to cultivate nursery and harvest larvae, which sells for about 2k Rupees a comb (40-70 larvae). The Giant hornet in open is supper aggressive and the scout/sentry has a marker scent which makes others follow to sting repeatedly. Lots of dead have occurred.. one sting, 2 days bed rest os guaranteed... lol.. but still, it's the best delicacy... visit during October (Ukhrul District) if you want to taste, no going back.. lol

  • Lior S

    Lior S

     19 hours ago

    Doesn't it usually die after it stings? Poor bug..

  • Brooklin Peralta

    Brooklin Peralta

     22 hours ago

    He out there risking his life while my dad be like. "nuh not today nuh hack no I will like stay back and jump in a river.

  • Coco_The_HamHam —

    Coco_The_HamHam —

     yesterday +1

    Regular bee: stings him
    Coyote: hello? Anyone there? Who just tapped me?
    Dead bees body falling to the floor: am I a joke to you?!

  • Caden Mitchell

    Caden Mitchell


    Meanwhile the wasp loses the human equivalent of years of life

  • Heidi Costa

    Heidi Costa


    11:25 hornet: are u sure??????😨 coyote: yes hornet: a.......alr....alright😰

  • Tatyana Krylova

    Tatyana Krylova


    I searched " hornet " becuAse I was having trouble with the boss in hollow Knight , and I found this , that thing terrifying

  • Odin-roblox Sydhagen

    Odin-roblox Sydhagen

     yesterday +1

    Is that Hudson hornet

  • Umut Yetlil

    Umut Yetlil


    I'm Coyote Peterson, and i'm about to enter the magnetic zone of a Neutron Star

  • Cubius Blockus

    Cubius Blockus


    I wanna see him pick up a bombardier beetle by its rump.

  • Isaiah Vazquez

    Isaiah Vazquez


    This guy is crazy, omg.

  • RO GRA

    RO GRA


    OMG, first off I am a big fan! Second, weren't you afraid of the necrosis factor of the venom?

  • Ameir the Gamer

    Ameir the Gamer

     2 days ago

    Wow he got knocked out

  • Jeff Allinson

    Jeff Allinson

     2 days ago

    Is this Guy OK in the head?