Bad cost $15,000...

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • After a 14 hour red eye flight we have arrived back in New Zealand! Tomorrow is the start of the Summer Bash and things are about to get insane! Bummed I wasn't able to afford to ship the 350z out here to drive but we will make the best of it!

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  • Frank jeen

    Frank jeen

     6 months ago

    That's a fr gt turbo not much people know about it 5:55

  • Painey16


     10 months ago

    What is the remix of his outro?

  • Edmon Jovial

    Edmon Jovial

     a years ago


  • Charles Espinoza

    Charles Espinoza

     a years ago

    They're engines not motors, they're not electric

  • Taylor Everett

    Taylor Everett

     a years ago

    someone help me out... what song is playing @9:30 i used to love that song i can’t remember what it’s called

  • Saul Is Lit

    Saul Is Lit

     a years ago

    Miekeeyyyyyy 😂

  • Adam Austin

    Adam Austin

     a years ago

    The guy on the go kart list below you just won the V8 supercars championship

  • Noah Dever

    Noah Dever

     a years ago

    Get the ls swap for the nd there r company's that do it from factory off the lot or do it yourself or do your own turbo setup

  • Salvador Luciano

    Salvador Luciano

     a years ago


  • Off Grid As

    Off Grid As

     a years ago

    Haha no one in NZ gives standy r33's any interest. Skid hack

  • Alexio Cabanero

    Alexio Cabanero

     a years ago

    What’s the song name playing @ 9:10?

  • Pierston Salinas

    Pierston Salinas

     a years ago

    I’v been waiting for the summer bash so long 😍 I’m shook.... I didn’t know there summer was so close, I thought I would have to wait forever😂

  • Alex


     a years ago


  • Joshua Moss

    Joshua Moss

     a years ago

    From the beggining of cars, driving on the right side was actually THE CORRECT side. Smh

  • Walk with me

    Walk with me

     a years ago

    Just move to NZ bro

  • Brett Hammond

    Brett Hammond

     a years ago

    come down to Christchurch

  • Jeff Jr

    Jeff Jr

     a years ago

    0:03 put in 0,75x speed and u will have a Lo-fi music.

  • LufloweMusic


     a years ago

    did I just see a Kenmeri when TJs on the floor....

  • LufloweMusic


     a years ago

    rare GTS LOLwelcome to NZ

  • ColoradoStuff


     a years ago

    4:40 No Sh*t it's a FD😑