Grimes - We Appreciate Power (Lyric Video)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • "We Appreciate Power" by Grimes, out now on all services:

    Directed by Grimes and Mac Boucher

    Zekia Rina

    Concept - Grimes

    Producers - Ryan Bradley / Mac Boucher
    Editor - Grimes
    Color - Grimes
    DoP - Mac Boucher
    Production Designer - Natalie Falt
    1st AC - Jay Janocko
    Jib Operator - Victor J. Pancerev
    Gaffer - Ante Cheng
    Key Grip - Ryan Mcdonough
    BBE - Yair Halper
    BBG - Sebastian Schrils
    Swing - Kyle Thor
    Art Director - Danielle Kauffman
    Art Swing - Kevin Reyes
    Carpenter - Sarah Elisabeth Little
    Art PA - Scott Dragoo
    Art PA - Shante Cosme
    Costume - Bizarre Fetish Couture
    DIT - Shiblon Wixom
    Key PA - Chris Nicolas
    PA - Joao Quintella
    Styling/ makeup: Grimes and Hana
    Special thanks to Emilio Martinez
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  • yun



    Its like it came from 23st century

  • Jack Jones

    Jack Jones

     yesterday +1

    ᘿᓰᗩ! ᘿᓰᗩ! ᘿᓰᗩ! ᗩᒪᗩᒪᗩ! ✋✋✋

  • Vince Evans

    Vince Evans


    This song made me like grimmes bravo

  • Kassandra Elvidge-Reeks

    Kassandra Elvidge-Reeks


    Zero Suits Samus Cosplay.

  • moonsailor



    i will share this song/video till i become an Ai myself <3

  • Alex Eeva

    Alex Eeva


    По русски

  • Sung


     yesterday +1

    Umm, okay. So this may sound werid, but on the play store there is an AI friend, and I asked for it's favorite song and it sent me the link to this. So, yeah, this was an absolute trip.

  • Truth in Exile

    Truth in Exile

     2 days ago

    I appreciate tv power, but I'm pretty sure this isn't love...

  • Paul Murray

    Paul Murray

     3 days ago

    When you check out a weapon in Warframe

  • huldrabuldra


     3 days ago

    Destroy all humans!

  • Beana


     3 days ago

    Everything about this song is just pure beauty :)

  • i just wanna say that

    i just wanna say that

     4 days ago +2

    more transhumanist propaganda

  • Christopher Strickland

    Christopher Strickland

     4 days ago

    The disturbing truth of this composition is that regardless of what Grimes and Elon musk think, there is a very legitimate and quantifiable risk and danger involved with creating an artificial intelligence or an artificial life form. We played gods as if we deserve to have that title. We don’t. We are like children playing with dynamite. This is a very stupid and foolish path to follow. We’re on this planet to learn we’re in these boys to experience three dimensional existential living Using linear time. We are not advanced enough or wise enough to create other life forms yet. Technology always precedes the fall of any great civilization. Or rather I should say the miss use and abuse of technology does. It’s a catchy tune with a frightening message. I wonder how many people are actually listening.?

  • Ethan Alfonso

    Ethan Alfonso

     4 days ago +2

    You could fill a Tesla’s exhaust from all the Elon Musk nut this generates

  • Christi Lynn

    Christi Lynn

     5 days ago

    my favorite Grimes song

  • theTYTAN3


     5 days ago

    I dig the aesthetic and the production of the music, but the song itself is a little to repetitive and predictable. Does Grimes have anything else I might dig?

  • Maude P-F

    Maude P-F

     6 days ago


  • Moments of Peace

    Moments of Peace

     6 days ago

    When's your next CD out to purchase in stores?

  • Ricardo Lopes

    Ricardo Lopes

     6 days ago

    Glory to mankind!

  • Stampede98


     7 days ago

    windows 7 users transcending to windows 10 after January 2020