WAIT FOR THE ENDING! | Sally Face - Chapter 4 - Part 1(Full Game)

  • Published on:  Friday, December 7, 2018
  • Please don't tell me that's going to happen in Sally Face Episode 4

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  • SkettluMahBoi


     an hour ago

    I had 3-4 different dreams the same night.

  • Caroline Cork

    Caroline Cork

     2 hours ago

    Just noticed you have 23M subs! Good job dude!

  • Caroline Cork

    Caroline Cork

     3 hours ago

    For those who didnt get the joke at 01:01:00 or sth like it: 2:30 meant tooth-hurty its funny i guess

  • firebird _cos

    firebird _cos

     5 hours ago


  • andrea palau

    andrea palau

     yesterday +2

    did anyone else realize that the episode that he met Lisa in he said "I like Lisa! I wish she could be my new Mom." And she became his new Mom. Just me okay...

  • Bob Bobbington

    Bob Bobbington

     2 days ago

    Anyone see yubs old picture there in the stickers? If you dont know what im talking about look up r/yub picture

  • Buttercup Pitty

    Buttercup Pitty

     3 days ago

    Im trying to find his icon where gizmo collected it too

  • DolphinKing2004


     3 days ago

    I think Jack's sad that he's not on the wall🤔

  • ChaosCobra


     3 days ago

    At the bottom there is a sticker of jacks channel as well

  • Nadiax Afiqah

    Nadiax Afiqah

     4 days ago

    Omg.I was watching the video and suddenly it paused and showed me the thumbnail.Creeepy.😵

  • SmolMean Beans

    SmolMean Beans

     4 days ago

    When you look at Gizmo's stickers you can see your icon above his food. Its kinda hard to see but go look

  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

     5 days ago

    I just now realized that Phelps Ministry is probably Travis' father's church and Sal says they've been having a bunch of meetings there. Based off that information, it makes me wonder if Travis is/was in the cult.

  • Lily


     5 days ago

    The symbols on the walls are actually Nordic runes, magick symbols used in wicca (not an evil practice) and the pentagram is actually a symbol for earth, air, fire,water and spirit in harmony. Christians portrayed it as a satanic symbol during the witch trials and unfortunately that misinformation and judgment is still in place today

  • monica wennerholm

    monica wennerholm

     5 days ago


  • I don't think that's legal

    I don't think that's legal

     5 days ago +1

    I feel so attracted to Sals voice and this is my homosexual awaking

  • Russian Ghoul

    Russian Ghoul

     6 days ago

    Chris, Chris Fehn, sad he left Slipknot, BUT JACK, I LOVE YOU A SHIT LOAD MORE!

  • Tebby :3

    Tebby :3

     6 days ago

    pleaseeee play chapter five when it comes out in december!!

  • Jacob Rogers

    Jacob Rogers

     7 days ago

    lets take a moment of silence for Sean not realizing Ray has a hookah and pot growing...

  • Jacob Rogers

    Jacob Rogers

     7 days ago

    did he really just call larry todd......

  • Rhinestone Eyes

    Rhinestone Eyes

     7 days ago

    Jack litteraly every episode: AWWW GIZMO, thats the name of my dog!