Home Invasion! Hulk Takes Down An Armed Intruder | DOG DYNASTY

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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    CANINE INTERNET sensation the Hulk made light work of a masked and armed intruder who climbed into the family’s New Hampshire home. The colossal 180lb pit bull went on the attack and apprehended the invader after being ordered into action by owner Lisa Grennan, of protection dog breeders Dark Dynasty K9s. Luckily for Lisa, 28, and husband Marlon Grennan, 31, the burglary was part of a simulated home invasion scenario, with trainer Jeff Cummings the man behind the mask. The high-impact stunt features in the new season of Barcroft TV’s hit online show Dog Dynasty, which has racked up more than 150 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The show follows the fortunes of Hulk and the other DDK9 protection dogs, which sell for between $5000 and $25,000.
    **Dog Dynasty season 3 is available on Barcroft Animals YouTube page and the Dog Dynasty Facebook Watch page, starting Friday 30 November.**

    Video Credits:
    Director of Photography: Adam Gray
    Producer/Director: Tom Midlane
    Series Producer: Ruby Coote
    Editor: Paul Zeller
    Executive Producers: Lizzie Wingham, Dom Smith

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/e4Nnfgsw5R8


  • Devin Sorensen

    Devin Sorensen

     an hour ago

    Dog's Mind: "Damn, my owner's get attacked a lot"

  • Duane Middleton

    Duane Middleton

     4 hours ago

    Bones will break when gets ahold of you..nasty

  • Fight me Now

    Fight me Now

     13 hours ago

    Your wife is ugly

  • David Simmonds

    David Simmonds

     23 hours ago


  • Aniyah Rudolph

    Aniyah Rudolph


    R.I.P Ace

  • Jordan Crabtree

    Jordan Crabtree


    Should try a kidnapping scenario you inside somebody comes grabs your kid and see what hulk does

  • Marina Reese

    Marina Reese

     2 days ago

    Yo stop talking bout the puppy that fell it didn’t die it didn’t break nun it’s FINE

  • Smiledog Bully

    Smiledog Bully

     2 days ago

    He Knocked the Puppy Off the couch

  • Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

     2 days ago

    my name jeff

  • Tembekile1


     2 days ago

    Poor poor puppy

  • Carlos Betancourt

    Carlos Betancourt

     3 days ago

    That hulk bloodline is not pure bred pitbulls ....that's a band dog....mastiff mix...stop calling g these dogs pitbulls...pitbulls they are not

  • Nolwazi Mhlongo

    Nolwazi Mhlongo

     3 days ago

    The puppy falling off the couch is funny😂😂😂

  • Diego721BlackScope BEGEITW

    Diego721BlackScope BEGEITW

     3 days ago

    Can will youst talk about the puppy tho poor puppy he whent flaying and the most cutiest part when the puppy trained to help

  • Dollia Zoil

    Dollia Zoil

     3 days ago


  • Leah vlogs Street

    Leah vlogs Street

     4 days ago

    Hulk is cute when he wants to be

  • rabia begum

    rabia begum

     4 days ago

    hulk vs cujo

  • Joseph Gilbert

    Joseph Gilbert

     4 days ago

    You blessed Marlon solid foundation and amazing dogs

  • Brayson Erdie

    Brayson Erdie

     5 days ago

    The puppy that got knocked off the couch did anyone save it

  • TP_PoloJ


     5 days ago

    The puppy got hit in the beginning🥺

  • Enzo Anania

    Enzo Anania

     6 days ago

    shut up ya walked in the truck and gave him your arm...please..