David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The YouTuber stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/drqgCrwklQg


  • Kelly Monroy

    Kelly Monroy

     5 days ago

    Does David wear the same shirt every time he goes on an interview

  • Em Montuori

    Em Montuori

     7 days ago

    “345” I choked on my drink

  • Sandra Parker

    Sandra Parker

     7 days ago

    David i love you

  • Jewelia Bowden

    Jewelia Bowden

     7 days ago

    The way it ended was weird

  • Havanaday


     7 days ago

    For like 7 min...for like 15 sec....ok David

  • dodie


     14 days ago +1

    “jeff wittek, my criminal friend”

  • luv the lightskin

    luv the lightskin

     14 days ago +5

    Did anyone else notice how when he talked about liza they put the “awwwn” effects

  • Ashlee Avila

    Ashlee Avila

     21 days ago

    David: my brain went vut vut vut
    me: uhhh.... a concussion?

  • Zinhle Vilakazi

    Zinhle Vilakazi

     21 days ago

    I love Jeff!

  • Sydney Kong

    Sydney Kong

     21 days ago




     21 days ago

    Liza is the cutest😭😻❤️❤️

  • Kunal Kataria

    Kunal Kataria

     21 days ago +1

    "my brain went... vtudh vtudh vtudh in my skull"

    Me: This is called a concussion David

  • Caitlin Rankin

    Caitlin Rankin

     21 days ago

    ok seririously who is this guy and how does he have so many famous friends



     21 days ago

    What about Jeffrey star

  • April Schauer

    April Schauer

     21 days ago

    Aww the bromance with Charlie is the best.

  • chxrrycola


     28 days ago

    leave it to david to buy coachella outfits the DAY before coachella

  • Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person

     28 days ago +3

    ‘’I don’t remember that night because I was just running around and shooting’’

  • John McKay

    John McKay

     28 days ago +2

    "Lorraine is Jason's mom, I recently married her" lol right casual

  • Rachel Tyler

    Rachel Tyler

     28 days ago

    Why does he love everybody he’s so sweet 😩

  • Carmen Vincent

    Carmen Vincent

     28 days ago +6

    Drinking game: take a shot every time David says favorites