How NOT to ruin your Four Wheeler | Testing your snorkel

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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  • Blake Berry

    Blake Berry

     a months ago

    Or you can just put your hand over the snorkle, if it shuts off it’s sealed

  • James Griffin

    James Griffin

     3 months ago

    They actually make a tool/machine to test vacum lines and exhuasts that works well with snorkels. EVAP tester

  • Damian Barajas

    Damian Barajas

     5 months ago


  • Don West Jr

    Don West Jr

     7 months ago

    We will buy more stickers !!!!!!! And save up the cash to get jules his own quad????????

  • Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan

     8 months ago

    Flex seal

  • Bikelife Thetford

    Bikelife Thetford

     11 months ago +1

    Braydon read ur comments

  • mark Minyard

    mark Minyard

     11 months ago

    I really like this idea, it would even be better if you made a smoker and blow smoke into it. The smoke will come out at the leaks. We do this to find vacuum leaks in automotive.

  • Lisa Liles

    Lisa Liles

     11 months ago

    Wheel your four-wheeler

  • TJ Asperger

    TJ Asperger

     a years ago

    Same way you test a boost system

  • Rich name

    Rich name

     a years ago

    can you surprise julius morning wood please

  • John Paulk

    John Paulk

     a years ago

    Look up solitude customs, he made a video using the same concept but with a fog machine so you can look for fog coming out

  • Stephen Willis

    Stephen Willis

     a years ago

    Thanks for the tip

  • Kaden’s outdoors vids

    Kaden’s outdoors vids

     a years ago

    Nice video thank you for helping me out with hunting

  • Just Build er'

    Just Build er'

     a years ago

    You actually made a how too i dont youtube but if i did i would do this and share my knowledge

  • Muddy money Brown

    Muddy money Brown

     a years ago

    It’s not going to hurt it if it leaks just got to check it !!

  • Jack Garcia

    Jack Garcia

     a years ago

    slap on that flex seal

  • Colby R.

    Colby R.

     a years ago

    I’ve seen people do the same thing but with smoke.

  • EvanThaG


     a years ago

    Same way you check for boost leaks

  • Aaron LeBlanc

    Aaron LeBlanc

     a years ago

    do this to the grizzly so you can FIX IT...

  • graham herndon

    graham herndon

     a years ago

    Love the daily 4 wheeler vids keep it up