PART TWO: Our Thoughts on Jillian Michaels Criticizing Lizzo

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Real fam, do you think Jillian Michaels went too far?
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  • Ntokozo Zwane

    Ntokozo Zwane

     47 minutes ago

    Jillian said nothing wrong. Loni is speaking from an insecure perspective. The new girl needs to fix her face when others voice their opinions. Tam is the only real one left

  • Cassandra MTL

    Cassandra MTL

     an hour ago

    Why does it always have to be about a racist thing

  • david Core

    david Core

     2 hours ago

    Loni and all big girls need to stop it... You'll rationalize anything if it coinsides with the life you WANT to live. Nobody condemns you but don't get mad at people who speak the truth. 3 out the 4 got workout videos talkin bout their summer bodies. Stop the nonsense.

  • gabs145ful


     3 hours ago

    What happened to stick to the topic?? Loni is messy

  • The dog guy Joe

    The dog guy Joe

     4 hours ago

    Okay ladies... so obesity is a great thing? Let’s put facts on this? Show me were being very over weight is healthier than being around a good weight for your height ? You can’t! You might be able to come up with some but the over all is a healthy weight. Tamar was the only one trying to say the right thing but had to walk on eggshells to not offend people.

  • Deandra Owens

    Deandra Owens

     5 hours ago

    And I whoop!!! Got to agree with Loni on that one!!💯

  • Brandon Bryant

    Brandon Bryant

     5 hours ago

    Whew chy. They make everything about race. Lizzie is overweight & she is promoting it with her weight. I’m just saying. She spoke volumes about obesity. She didn’t say nothing about her music or her talent. She was asked. She spoke the truth & they just mad. Bye

  • Jamieson Rendall

    Jamieson Rendall

     5 hours ago

    Jillian Michaels is not going to say positive things about Lizzo’s body and attitude because it goes against what makes her money. Michaels makes money by people feeling they need to look a certain way to be ‘healthy’. Lizzo may not be at her optimal health goals but her music and body promote mental health. When you are mentally in a good place you don’t go looking for Jillian Michaels, instead you find exercises that you can stick with for longer. I firmly believe Lizzo’s message will do more the the overall health of people than Jillian Micheals will thus so she got to hustle to make her business thrive.

  • Miranda Rader

    Miranda Rader

     6 hours ago

    Pleaseeee stop splitting up the topics into multiple parts!!

  • darkbangtan


     6 hours ago

    Amanda fix your face

  • Chinky


     16 hours ago

    Yeah amanda and loni can go , thanks

  • Bellers


     18 hours ago

    I'm sure If she would've had an interview where they asked her something about Adele and Adele was morbidly obese she would've responded the same way. I don't think it's because Lizzo's black. My peeps need to quit making everything about race. Keep it in it's context yall. Smh.

  • Doni P

    Doni P

     19 hours ago

    What you mean????? Everything is NOT about race! And for your information Adele lost hella weight and looks damn good!

  • Karen Whisenhunt

    Karen Whisenhunt

     20 hours ago

    It's okay for you to make a shot a someone though...right?

  • Mandy Makhumalo

    Mandy Makhumalo

     21 hours ago

    There's so much tension over there.

  • Swati Thakur

    Swati Thakur

     21 hours ago

    Omg someone kick Loni and Amanda out of this how

  • Swati Thakur

    Swati Thakur

     21 hours ago

    What is up with Loni always making it about something it isn’t !!!!
    Also Loni obese being are more prone to diabetes and heart disease than a thin or overweight . Rad some fuckin books!

  • CaseyLamah


     22 hours ago

    Lizzo HAS a trainer and is working on her health (she posted it on her stories a few times in the past) I'm confused as to how people think she's just wanting to be fat and lazy? Lmaooo

    Jillian was outta line for assuming Diabetes is in her future.

  • Michelle Hernandez

    Michelle Hernandez

     23 hours ago

    Lizzo refuses to live under a rock until she reaches a socially acceptable weight. Jillian built her career on making women feel so unhappy with themselves they spend thousands buying her unsafe diet products. Lizzo is selling her music and talent. Jillian is selling an unsafe lifestyle.

  • Yoselin Benedict

    Yoselin Benedict

     23 hours ago

    Way to add another races to the table!!! Ok Sister!!!