The E60 BMW M5 Is the Best Car You Should Never Own

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018

    The E60 BMW M5 is an amazing car -- but it's horribly unreliable. Today I'm reviewing a 2008 M5 with a 6-speed manual to show you why the E60 M5 is so cool -- and also why you shouldn't get one. I'm showing you all the key quirks and features of the BMW M5, and the most interesting things about the 2008 BMW M5.

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  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

     11 months ago +7072

    “Dude, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s really reliable. I only had to upgrade 14 common failure points and now it’s just fine.”

  • Andrew Kinamore

    Andrew Kinamore

     an hour ago

    I bought a BIG Money Waster once and I had a life of regret

  • Carl Hill

    Carl Hill

     4 hours ago

    If Quentin Tarrantino hadn't realized his talent as a filmmaker.

  • Jacek Kurtiak

    Jacek Kurtiak

     11 hours ago

    Still dont understand why i shoud not have own one.

  • fatalradius


     2 days ago

    I'm leasing a 3 series now, I went the lease route because I hear BMW's are troublesome, but I've always wanted to experience driving one.

  • MrSpaz57


     2 days ago

    "Why does he wear 2 shirts?" lol.

  • Feroxing12


     2 days ago

    some dude here is selling 2006 one with just 150k km mileage for just 15.5k euro and cant sell it.

  • []


     3 days ago +1

    V10 is kinda rare, makes me sad... the only v10 cars I can think of on top of my head is the Gallardo, Huracan, R8, M5, Viper, LFA

  • уголовное право

    уголовное право

     4 days ago +1

    I guess he is that type of person who sees from window rain and says nope not going anywhere in this dangerous weather

  • Saim Khokhar

    Saim Khokhar

     4 days ago

    16:51 Doug was probably very proud to say all of those problems....

  • Babayega X

    Babayega X

     5 days ago

    As a former BMW V10 E60 M5 owner I have to say Doug, I disagree on a few things here. For example, the seat control in the iDrive controls isn't like "oh I'm going to take so let me change my setting". In fact you programmed all that in when you programmed your ///M button on the steering wheel. You could go from 400 to 400 sport to 500 sport for your power, then you can program your suspension stiffness, your level of traction control, the amount of milli-seconds it would take between shifts (yes you can change the timing in the shifts and the shorter the timing the faster it would shift and the harder it would slam into the best gear), you could program seat position as well as the active bolster control Which UNLIKE ANY CAR I'VE SEEN TILL TODAY IN 2019, you can have the side bolsters looser during straight away and when you make a left turn the right bolster would move in towards you to support your and same for the right turn the booster would move in for about 2 seconds and group you in the other side to hold you in the seat. Or you could program then to stay in one position. Not just drivers side but passenger as well. I can't tell you how many times I would have a different girl in the car and I would hit the M button to do some playing around and the girl would jump because the seat bolsters on each side of her would move in and get tighter and hug you in your office so you don't move around and then as I would go sounds turns the sides would constantly be going in and out to hold you, much like when like your mom grabs you for support when she's turning or stopping and puts her hand on you for support. It was and still is over of the most technologically advanced cars off it's day. You recently did a Porsche 992 video in 2019 and the door opening process about touching the car for handle to lock and unlock was in my BMW in 2008. Among with million other things that card are barely starting put in the cars now that the BMW had over 12 years ago. It was by far one of if not the best car I've ever owned and I've offered over 30 plus cars in my life. But that car was by far probably the one I miss the most. But like you said, I had to get rid of it because u was spending (on average) arrive 1500 per money on maintenance and repair. If I didn't spend 1500 one month then I didn't 3000 the following month and it was just a total money pit. That moving tach that moves now towards 9k as the car heated up actually will move and lock in the 3500 or 4500 rpm range when the car has a mechanical problem that could be devastating to the vehicle. If you're too low on oil it will not allow the car to go over 3500rpm until you get the car serviced to protect the engine. When my power steering pump went out it locked again at 4000rpm to help conserve the car and minimize damage. One time my alternator went bad on the way home from Vegas and not only did it keep the car at lower RPM's, but the car computer would actually start to shut down electronic components automatically to help not drain the battery. I mean that car was a freaking technological masterpiece. But as mentioned, every time it broke down and I had to go to the dealer it was between 1500 to 3000 for the repair. But let me tell you I got the car tuned by Gintani in Van Nuys, in Los Angeles and they tuned both the engine and transmission for me and that car was really pushing about 550 horses. AMG'S hated me because there wasn't a single Benz that could keep up with me. In fact the only car that ever came super close to catching up to be was actually a Subaru Impreza that was highly modified. But nah that car was beast. And they int car that ever flat out beat me by a small fraction was the Lamborghini Murcy on a long straight away run on the freeway in OC where it's like 7 Lanes and the ground is perfectly smooth. Although I got the car to go as high as 179 miles per hour in 6th and still had another 7th gear to go, unfortunately I couldn't go faster because of upcoming card in our way. But yeah. To be honest I think the guys that blow motors in their car truly are some how neglecting some upkeep because be staying within the maintenance guidelines, yeah I had issues with parts breaking down and wearing it like belts, it alternator or clutch running out, but those are all wear and tear issues. As long as you keep up with the guidelines I don't think your going to blow your engine. Those guys are probably but keeping you with their oil changes and other maintenance stuff that leads to then killing the motor. I sold my car at 110,000 miles on it and it still would run like a champ. Never had any MAJOR engine or transmission issues at all besides the stuff I mentioned before which can go wrong in any car. Obviously the belt and the clutches run it faster in these cars but that's expected because I personally abused the shit out of the car and put every single one of those 500 horses to good use. And I kept up the maintenance and it helps up with me.

  • mike786551


     5 days ago

    Most immaculate 12 year old car ever seen on YouTube

  • الشريف العبدلي

    الشريف العبدلي

     6 days ago +1

    I would rather buy a Q45

  • DocMDPainDude


     6 days ago

    As an ex owner of a 2006 M6 (essentially the same car in coupe version) I have to agree fully with Doug’s review of the M5. Loved driving it...when it actually worked. I had the proverbial love hate relationship with it. I’ve moved on to a 911 which stirs my soul even more.

  • Rough Boy

    Rough Boy

     6 days ago

    All the quirks and features....the cause of all the problems.

  • Thomas Griffin

    Thomas Griffin

     7 days ago +1

    It consumes as much fuel as a hellcat, but it sounds so good.

  • sube tube

    sube tube

     7 days ago

    Buy blown engine manual car, buy beater auto car, take the engine out, preventative maintenance on the good engine, put it in the manual car. Shouldn't be over $17-$20k I'd think

  • William Keenan

    William Keenan

     7 days ago

    I actually own one of these. Absolutely fantastic car. Can’t fault them but then again that’s just my view

  • MrMinicopper


     7 days ago

    This video just made me love Doug even more, he's so funny, but sad rod bearings and vanos pump issues? It it truly heartbreaking.

  • Ezzat Nurindro

    Ezzat Nurindro

     7 days ago +1

    The thanos pump