The E60 BMW M5 Is the Best Car You Should Never Own

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018

    The E60 BMW M5 is an amazing car -- but it's horribly unreliable. Today I'm reviewing a 2008 M5 with a 6-speed manual to show you why the E60 M5 is so cool -- and also why you shouldn't get one. I'm showing you all the key quirks and features of the BMW M5, and the most interesting things about the 2008 BMW M5.

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  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

     a years ago +7354

    “Dude, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s really reliable. I only had to upgrade 14 common failure points and now it’s just fine.”

  • Johan Duvenhage

    Johan Duvenhage

     12 hours ago

    Breathe Dude, breathe.

  • Jim Reynolds

    Jim Reynolds

     19 hours ago

    Now all modern cars are like the M5. Reliability has gone down the toilet. The reason for this is simple - basically BMW, like all large car companies are run by bankers. This means people who don't know anything about building cars are trying to build cars. They know all about budgets and bean counting and toting up numbers in spreadsheets but they don't know much else and the result is that most cars - even from new - are a total liability. All they want is to get it through the warranty so the quality is very poor. What used to be a simple piece of machinery has been turned into an over-complicated, expensive and unreliable piece of shiny junk. The world is crying out for a back-to-basics car that gets you from A to B with cheap servicing.

  • AJS


     20 hours ago

    Just bought one. 2005 80k miles lol

  • Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson

     23 hours ago

    He do not know anything about CarS

  • ATRIXstudio


     3 days ago

    7:40 haha americans need glowing shifter to remember the patern

  • Razihk


     4 days ago

    I get it, it's a problematic car but why you gotta be dick about it.



     4 days ago +1

    As Scotty Kilmer would say "Endless money pit"

  • TheWizzalt


     4 days ago

    What a dork.

  • Ante Biško

    Ante Biško

     4 days ago

    You are wrong dude

  • Veloux


     7 days ago

    This engine blows


  • Evan Turnau

    Evan Turnau

     7 days ago

    Brilliant body design! I'm seeing some retro BMW lines...But Perfect engine swap donor...just saying if you have the know how, put a reliable engine here.

    I heard the review...

  • Evan Turnau

    Evan Turnau

     7 days ago

    Obviously the manual explains the fuse chart.
    .yea! And why do you wear two shirts? Laugh Doug Laugh....

  • Ryan Wang

    Ryan Wang

     7 days ago

    You should race with carwow!

  • Lause


     7 days ago

    4:57 over engineered? it's a plastic with a spring

  • christian roche

    christian roche

     7 days ago

    Why do you wear two shirts? Lol!

  • Ronnie Jr

    Ronnie Jr

     7 days ago


  • LiL NiBBa

    LiL NiBBa

     7 days ago

    What about the exhaust man??



     7 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy to do a car review with the rear map lights on for “practicality”

  • B Celestial

    B Celestial

     7 days ago

    I shoulda had a v8...