Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair

  • Published on:  Monday, October 7, 2019
  • Director Todd Phillips takes us through the opening scene of the movie "Joker". He explains how the necessity of an unsettling dynamic tension throughout the film was the driving force that dictated his artistic decisions. Through location, costume, makeup and lighting Phillips created a truly frightening world.

    Joker is in theaters now!


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    Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair
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  • Kenn McEachern

    Kenn McEachern

     10 minutes ago

    I saw this with my 14 year old son, the first words out of his mouth were how "uncomfortable" he was during the entire movie....I told him "That is what ART is supposed to do!"

  • cccreates


     37 minutes ago

    Forever in awe of this film.

  • Jim Rustle

    Jim Rustle

     49 minutes ago

    The water coming out of the flower was the perfect touch

  • lauryn hall

    lauryn hall

     an hour ago

    lucky me. i missed half of the opening scene when i went and saw it in theaters

  • Alan Oswald

    Alan Oswald

     an hour ago

    this is exactly what i needed to quench my unhealthy obsession with this film

  • Quinn Dang

    Quinn Dang

     2 hours ago

    I wonder why the media was so bent on smearing this film.

  • nitro dubz

    nitro dubz

     3 hours ago

    The first half gives me Eraserhead vibes

  • Danny Roqs

    Danny Roqs

     3 hours ago

    Anyone back here to rewatch this after seeing Sardonicast’s half assed review on Joker?

    It legitimately bugged me how lazy and lacking these guys were.

  • Jay Davis

    Jay Davis

     3 hours ago

    i would watch an entire 8 hour video of him describing the movie like this

  • Rexen


     4 hours ago

    Wait a minute... Did Doctor House directed Joker?

  • Grace Lamb

    Grace Lamb

     4 hours ago

    The cinematography of this movie was EVERYTHING! So many utterly chilling shots where all the elements worked together perfectly

  • Grace Lamb

    Grace Lamb

     4 hours ago

    We’re all the scenes with the girl (besides the elevator and him coming into her apartment) his imagination?

  • bianca chery

    bianca chery

     5 hours ago

    Y'all, Be really honest. Is this Heath Ledger good? I feel like it just might be, but we won't give Joaquin the credit because Heath Ledger passed and he was the best joker we had until that time. Also in the Dark Knight, we really only saw clips of Joker, not Joker as the whole subject. I feel like it might be but idk

  • mark grant

    mark grant

     5 hours ago

    Brilliant film, so inspirational. Joaquin is totally skeletal, haven’t laughed that much since I watched the comedy classic, The Shining.

  • Alex Barker

    Alex Barker

     6 hours ago

    I didnt even see the water come out...

  • humanoid


     6 hours ago

    “I want just a little bit of f**king decency! What is it with you people?”

  • TheOwlCreek


     6 hours ago +1

    Todd Phillips should direct a GG Alen bio pic

  • Reinaldo Alejandro Miret Laurenet

    Reinaldo Alejandro Miret Laurenet

     7 hours ago

    This movie put tears on my eyes

  • Andy Baughman

    Andy Baughman

     7 hours ago

    Next up: Joker Director Breaks Down the Ending Scene.

  • Rockabelle


     8 hours ago

    I love this movie so much. It's fascinating to hear the director go over the details scene-by-scene.