Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Watch the NFL Top 10 documentary of the top 10 draft years of all time.

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  • Mark Jefferson

    Mark Jefferson

     3 hours ago

    Did he say arguably the greatest cornerback of all time lol?

  • Jay Trace

    Jay Trace


    Pastorini played for the Raiders and got hurt. Plunked came off the bench and the rest is history...

  • cable123sims



    For the 2011 draft they forgot to mention mark ingram and Cameron Jordan that’s how good it is

  • Dyslexic Doodle Bob

    Dyslexic Doodle Bob

     2 days ago


  • Chase Coats

    Chase Coats

     2 days ago

    3:09 “ah ha ha”

  • Daniel Racy

    Daniel Racy

     3 days ago

    1981 in 6th place? C'mon, everytime you mention Lawrence THE GOAT Taylor it's instant number 1. On everything. Plus you have Singletary, Howie Long, Ronnie Lott, etc. Get out of here with this 6th place bullshit.

  • The zoo man Liam

    The zoo man Liam

     4 days ago

    1985 Jerry Rice, Reggie White, Bruce Smith

  • BlackPantherFTW


     4 days ago

    My boy von on the thumbnail. Gotta click

  • Wyatt Forseth

    Wyatt Forseth

     6 days ago

    If you make another list like 5 or 10 years from now you could put 2017 or 2018 on the list

  • 12th Man

    12th Man

     7 days ago

    2007 is wayyyyyyyy better than 2011

  • Jackson Gilmore

    Jackson Gilmore

     7 days ago

    2000? Tom Brady, Jamal Lewis, Brian Urlacher also some great special teams like Sebastian Janikowski and Shane Lechler

  • Chase Smith

    Chase Smith

     7 days ago

    Keyshawn Johnson has 3 prowbowl years and is a Super Bowl champion
    Actually a pretty nice career

  • Rated Ace

    Rated Ace

     7 days ago

    Did he say one of the best qbs of all time troy aikman. What?! He s an average qb that was surrounded by talent

  • Jacob Miles

    Jacob Miles

     7 days ago

    Pete Carrol drafted the whole LOB, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner in 3 years.... that’s like 4 HOFers. Wilson, Wagner, Sherman, Thomas. Probably not Kam but you never know.

  • Noah R

    Noah R

     7 days ago

    2004 gotta be on here cmon man

  • gothard5


     7 days ago

    Not only did they barely even mention Kenny Anderson in the 1971 draft, but how do you talk about the 1983 and 2011 drafts and not even mention Boomer Esiason or Andy Dalton??

  • Bryce Lovett

    Bryce Lovett

     7 days ago

    13:45 Kids, don't do drugs. Don't smoke. Get some help

  • Lloyd Braun

    Lloyd Braun

     14 days ago

    These idiots who think only modern drafts count should not be allowed to comment. These same morons think Packers Bears is not a top 10 rivalry.

  • King Cole

    King Cole

     14 days ago

    😬👂🏾 @ 22:33

  • Manuel Gibbons

    Manuel Gibbons

     14 days ago

    you always go to the oldies nobody in the current generation is gonna remember anyone older than Brady