Meghan & Harry Set To Achieve Goal Of Separating From British Royal Family

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • After a Monday meeting with Queen Elizabeth, it appears that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will achieve their goal of consciously uncoupling themselves from the British royal family. #Monologue #RoyalFamily #HarryandMeghan

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  • Purple Light

    Purple Light

     2 days ago

    Harry can protect Megan, he is a high ranking officer in the army. He can shoot a pistol. He could carry a gun. They can get two or three guard dogs. They could put a pistol beside the bed. Or hire a Big Dude, for the front door, at a 55k a year salary out of Charles Account. Let them live !!
    Other moaners get a life !! He can call Bill Gates, (His charities) Steven Speilberg, (Produce a movie) or anyone. They will all say yes to his call.

  • OtakuCruzers


     2 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Karen Willis

    Karen Willis

     2 days ago

    Good like Hollywood your next.

  • Peter Hallett

    Peter Hallett

     2 days ago +3

    Meghan Markle is a d-list actress. And a greedy spotlight seeker. She should've released she was just going to be a public servant with a tiara. She had the kid, now she has Harry by the balls.

  • Lisa Schreiber

    Lisa Schreiber

     2 days ago +2

    I would say they work now, just for and at the behest of queen and country, who from what we're told pays very well... so they turned in their "2 weeks notice" (albeit 6 months) they were looking for a new job. =] I hope they have a very happy future.

  • Melody Williams

    Melody Williams

     2 days ago

    You Mr. Leave them alone

  • JP Dirt

    JP Dirt

     3 days ago

    Colbert is so damn funny, but wasn't isn't funny is that Trump will buy his way back in for 4 more years! How are we gonna get him out of there and who would take his place?

  • Grey Eye

    Grey Eye

     3 days ago +1

    Poor couple? Give me a break. autonomy? Rest assured they will still be getting "royal" money no matter what the "poor" couple says

  • James Harris

    James Harris

     3 days ago

    The entire royal family should follow them. Imagine sucking such massive wealth out of a country only because of who you are. Just keep one elaborate castle and turn the rest into tourist attractions.

  • LH Chow

    LH Chow

     3 days ago

    I think I heard him pronouncing his last name as in the sound "Col Bear" instead of "Col Bird" which I presumed. Which is the correct pronunciation for his name?

  • Yukimura Sanada

    Yukimura Sanada

     3 days ago

    Have to downvote that because of this useless topic sry watched until 0:29 #dontjudge ;)

  • lcozzarelli


     3 days ago +2

    MM is a communal narcissist that, like other narcissists, is very sensitive to any kind of criticism. The press calling someone out on their BS and hypocrisy is not bullying. She, like Trump (an agentic narcissist), can never admit fault, and always plays victim and blames everyone else but herself. She seems to have Harry codependent on her, so he jumps at her every whim, and believes her cries of victimhood are valid. It won’t be pretty when she dumps him for someone better, as has happened to so many friends and family in her life.

  • Craytos McFarfegnewton

    Craytos McFarfegnewton

     3 days ago +1

    Meghan is way better than those crumpet eating leeches anyways....

  • LisaD GingerSnaps

    LisaD GingerSnaps

     3 days ago +13

    Australia is on fire, Phillipines erupting, Puerto Rico shaking, America, well you know. Harry and Meghan are a welcome distraction.

  • Deborah Linton

    Deborah Linton

     3 days ago +3

    Health Insurance (in Canada) is only effective if you live in Canada🇨🇦.

  • olyguy2000


     3 days ago +8

    This move is a no-brainer…. they can make millions with their celebrity status in Hollywood, book deals, charities and corporate boards.

  • Haha MissMiss

    Haha MissMiss

     3 days ago

    Meghan: lets cut ties with your paedophile hiding family.
    Harry: sure.

  • Ad Max

    Ad Max

     3 days ago

    Not sure i can speak for the other countries in britain but i can speak for scotland when we found out about this news there was one universal question "who gives a fuck?"

  • Andre' Casillas

    Andre' Casillas

     3 days ago +5

    I'm surprised by the "racist" comments all over, though we never find anywhere mentioned. Just look at the wedding ceremony where she became a Duchess, all the British welcomed and the media praised her. When disputes arise with her father, the problem is not resolved with respect. that was the beginning of the loss of British sympathy. The way she resolves problems with her family shows her own arrogance. It must be remembered that the cost of living the Kingdom comes from the people's taxes. Meghan's local staff stops, a series of unsympathetic behavior, this is the beginning of her negative image, not because of racism. She did not adjust to her position which was very fortunate compared to the British who had to work hard because of the burden of paying high taxes in England. The luxurious life she got, she was not grateful, showed selfishness for the British people. So racist is a feeling she created herself? no one analyzed up to this level. Every mistake she made was not due to skin color. she must be able to accept criticism because the British do not see mistakes because of skin color. What I see is that she doesn't want to adjust to the environment. She showed this arrogance by accusing the racist world of opposing her.

  • nemesisnick66


     3 days ago +1

    if that old hag would ever step down and let her son be the king like sposed to this wouldnt be happening now would it i'd be irritated with being called a prince for 35 years too