PROJECT ZORGO Took DANIEL in CAR at SAFE HOUSE (Unboxing Haul Mysterious Riddles & Clues Challenge)

  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
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    After I, Chad Wild Clay, made CWC ARRESTED! PROJECT ZORGO at SAFE HOUSE (Trapped in Escape Room Challenge with Ninja Gadgets) and Vy Qwaint created CWC ARRESTED! PROJECT ZORGO at SAFE HOUSE (Trapped in Escape Room Challenge with Ninja Gadgets), I had to reveal the secret location of the hidden safe house to Project Zorgo for the good of all YouTube, and since I am WANTED and don't want to get thrown in jail and then have to escape, I cooperated. The PZ member searched around the house and investigated the area. He was looking for clues, puzzles or codes for evidence. We saw Vy in trouble out the window! A police man eventually showed up and put me in his cop car. The PZ member left his mysterious car abandoned in the middle of our driveway and we heard a scary sound coming from inside. Vy used her spy gadget listening device to see what was inside before we unboxed it and did a haul of exploring riddles from the vehicle. It was a challenge getting inside but with the help of you ninjas and the paper decoder wheel for Project Zorgo's hidden language we were able to solve the clues. Eventually, Zorgo found us and we had to hide. He ripped us the DIY wheel we made and then drove off with Daniel. We chased afterwards but he was too fast. This calls for a ninja battle royale! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2018!

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