Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Team Adam's DeAndre Nico performs "All of Me" during The Voice Live Top 10 Eliminations.
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    Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

    The Voice
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  • Kale Bell

    Kale Bell

     7 days ago

    Man he got some crazy runs 🔥

  • Casey Bledsoe

    Casey Bledsoe

     14 days ago

    I like how he changed up the falsetto part. Sounded great!

  • Añorà MinMin

    Añorà MinMin

     21 days ago

    Ngl parts of this performance, his stylistic choices weren't the best but that's no excuse for how Adam sold him out

  • Kazumi Hikari

    Kazumi Hikari

     1 months ago

    Adam has a long list of victims, and I could actually type a list about the size of a standard novel going over all of them, so I'll just go with one for now.

    Amber Carrington from Season 4, she doesn't seem like one, but she definitely still is, Amber came into that season wanting to be a country artist, and she was, or at least when she was allowed to be, when Adam picked her songs, he was forcing her out of her genre.

    However, her song choices from Adam led to great performances, which kind of left her conflicted, she wasn't comfortable with these songs, but fans loved her because of them, so she deciding to just keep doing what Adam wanted.

    Also, Amber was not a favorite of Adams, and the biggest example of this is at the night of the infamous eliminations of Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons. It's down to four artists left, then, Amber is called safe, and then Adam spewed out his infamous "I hate this country,"

    Consider that for a minute, when Amber was called safe, that meant that Adam was losing one of Judith or Sarah, he knew that when there were only four artists left and 3 of them were his, he was losing someone, then Amber was called safe, and then he said that, shows that he cared about Judith/Sarah a lot more than Amber.

  • Erv Brown

    Erv Brown

     2 months ago

    everytime I watch this i get mad at adam again smh deandre killed that performance and should've stayed on the show smh

  • Kim AndGetMe

    Kim AndGetMe

     3 months ago

    Performance isn’t great particularly the end

  • nikhil unni

    nikhil unni

     4 months ago

    That was technically a million times better than all of Regans performances put together....and still adam chose her!

  • Daniel Burke

    Daniel Burke

     4 months ago

    Once again, I hate Adam.

  • Rishin Devnath

    Rishin Devnath

     4 months ago

    This show has muddied itself so bad that it can't come back from it . Adding John or removing Adam won't do the trick they need to go on a haitus .

  • Christa Flores

    Christa Flores

     5 months ago

    1:02 ˢᴹᴴ

  • Ivan Nikolov

    Ivan Nikolov

     5 months ago

    DeAndre deserved to be finalist! Vote was unfair and Adam is traitor to the Music Universe. My head can't figure out how it's possible a mad tallent as this guy right here to leave The Voice that way. So f**in' unfair!!!! Respect to Kelly!!!

  • Hugo Martinez

    Hugo Martinez

     5 months ago

    1:05 🤦‍♂️Adam

  • Blair Adamson

    Blair Adamson

     7 months ago

    Reagan Strange took his spot? WOW WOW WOW

  • Maria antonia Minaya lopez

    Maria antonia Minaya lopez

     7 months ago

    Fantástica voz ,única .....eres un cantante de cantantes Felicidades !! Falta poco para que seas mundialmente conocido .

  • Angelear Abram

    Angelear Abram

     7 months ago

    Still not a Team Adam Fan!
    Yelling: No No, please don’t pick him, at the new contestant! 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Chris Keo

    Chris Keo

     7 months ago

    Jadakidss can sing???!?

  • Bassil Sockar

    Bassil Sockar

     8 months ago +1

    Well, let's be honest this performance was full of flaws. He would still have lost.

  • Alicia Banister

    Alicia Banister

     8 months ago

    I hope nobody picks Adam for season 16

  • emaxulit1


     8 months ago +1

    Come on now, the show is scripted and Adam had to do what he is paid to do, follow the script.

  • Jennifer Francisca

    Jennifer Francisca

     8 months ago +1

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks he's overrated. I personally don't think Reagan is ready yet and what Adam did was wrong. But DeAndre isn't all that.