Smartphone Durability Awards 2019!

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • We have reached the end of another year. Its time to assess the overall durability of all the 2019 smartphones! The great thing about phones, is that there are so many options out there, and there is something for everyone. What was your favorite phone of this year? Spoilers below!

    Most repairable smartphone of 2019 Pixel 3a:
    Least repairable smartphone of 2019 Royole Flexpai:
    Least repairable honorable mention iPhone's:

    Most innovative Smartphone Nubia Z20:
    Honorable Mention Blackview Max 1:
    Honeorable Mention Galaxy Fold:

    Best looking smartphone on the inside Galaxy A80:

    Least durable smartphone:
    Honorable mention Pixel 4 XL:

    Most durable smartphone Pixel 3a:

    2018 Smartphone Durability Awards:
    2017 Smartphone Durability Awards:
    2016 Smartphone Durability Awards:

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  • Andries Stander

    Andries Stander

     17 minutes ago

    Does the cast also get a durability test award then for not coming off that easily?

  • Kieran Taylor

    Kieran Taylor

     19 minutes ago

    Definitely bring back the dbrand skins

  • Zak Ouaiss

    Zak Ouaiss

     37 minutes ago

    You should get a iPhone 11

  • Chad Law

    Chad Law

     50 minutes ago

    Gotta wait for the 2020 phones

  • Bandisa Masilela

    Bandisa Masilela

     56 minutes ago

    Got the 11 Pro, liked it!

  • Tanmay Halder

    Tanmay Halder

     an hour ago

    Galaxy Fold

  • PSQ Think

    PSQ Think

     an hour ago

    I picked up the samsung s10e great phone in my opinion for the price

  • Taylor Bertrim

    Taylor Bertrim

     an hour ago

    No category for the LG ?

  • Denise de Nice

    Denise de Nice

     an hour ago +1

    Please do a teardown and durability test for the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and a skin/case for it, would look so dope with the 5 cameras und I would love to know how it looked on the inside!

  • TearfulHarlot


     an hour ago

    Tell your home boys at dbrand to restock their cases, please. I've been waiting for them to do that for 2 months

  • Arkopal Ray

    Arkopal Ray

     2 hours ago

    I got the Asus Z6. Your review helped me a lot. Thanks

  • Saurav Singh

    Saurav Singh

     2 hours ago

    I love the 7t but I dont have money😂

  • Zedd H4d3S

    Zedd H4d3S

     2 hours ago

    I bought s10+ after using S6 for some time and my fav phones are note10+ and iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Roniel Delos Santos

    Roniel Delos Santos

     2 hours ago

    Huawei nova 5t durability test pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • DiO RiDeR kL 16

    DiO RiDeR kL 16

     2 hours ago

    Can you give a phone to me?

  • Sunand Jhanwar

    Sunand Jhanwar

     2 hours ago

    iPhone 11 is best

  • LukeTutber


     2 hours ago


  • Trevor Buckton

    Trevor Buckton

     2 hours ago

    Should test the LGG8X ThinQ... Looking forward to see if the phone is any good!

  • Лайт


     2 hours ago

    Honor 9x or Huawei P Smart Z 2019 or Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 crash test please?

  • Ben Nate craft

    Ben Nate craft

     3 hours ago

    Iiiiiiiiii just have a iPhone 6