NFL Best "Athletic" Plays || HD

  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
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  • Darrion Freeman

    Darrion Freeman

     an hour ago

    Imagine being hurdeld by Josh allen

  • Luca Welch

    Luca Welch

     19 hours ago

    Love the intro

  • Austin Poop

    Austin Poop

     yesterday +1

    I just punched Morgz how many likes is the how much damage

  • PoisonFew



    It almost Christmas 2019 baby

  • Cole Gilley

    Cole Gilley


    That intro had no right to be that loud

  • A P

    A P

     2 days ago

    I just love it when the TV announcers during a football game talk about a player's athleticism. Duh, they are ALL professional athletes, they better be athletic!

  • Johnny Potato

    Johnny Potato

     2 days ago

    The Edelman catch......

  • jdizzle foshizzle

    jdizzle foshizzle

     2 days ago

    Bru if I saw larry allen coming at me at that speed I would fall over

  • Saulena Hill

    Saulena Hill

     2 days ago

    This so has to come back on

  • Sage McGregor

    Sage McGregor

     3 days ago


  • Ethan Rincon

    Ethan Rincon

     3 days ago

    Is it just me or where nfl players much slower back then

  • Noah Panter

    Noah Panter

     3 days ago


  • King Hamilton

    King Hamilton

     3 days ago

    Did any body hear dingaling in 4 seconds

  • Cavitt Fowler III

    Cavitt Fowler III

     3 days ago

    can we just have this intro back already 😫😫

  • QB_era 17

    QB_era 17

     3 days ago

    I feel like the bengals are on here a lot 😂 terrible team but have had some good athletes

  • /Declan Jamison

    /Declan Jamison

     4 days ago

    yes,yes,very much

  • Stephanie Hughes

    Stephanie Hughes

     4 days ago +1

    I love football 🏈 🏈

  • KodyConnell


     5 days ago +4

    Most "athletic" plays:

    Odell catches a one handed catch with gloves

    Randy moss catches one handed catches without gloves

  • TJ McChristian

    TJ McChristian

     5 days ago

    I like when people do flips

  • SlickTTVbtw Snub

    SlickTTVbtw Snub

     6 days ago

    Nice intro dude