The Upside feat. Elle King - Behind the Scenes

  • Published on:  Monday, September 16, 2019
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  • Anne d'Orgeix

    Anne d'Orgeix

     28 days ago

    Great Job !!! I love all the album !!! Congratulations !!!

  • TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!

    TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!

     1 months ago

    3:11 feels like engaging active noise cancelling and 4:24 feels like disengaging it (that disorienting feeling where you're overwhelmed by sound). Seriously, did no one think to cut out that low, floor-shaking rumble while Lindsey was speaking? There are people watching with powerful PC subwoofers, y'know?

  • Gisele •

    Gisele •

     1 months ago

    I can’t be the only one that hears Christina Grimmie’s voice ):

  • Agatha Motta

    Agatha Motta

     2 months ago

    ❤ vc quer um PC, o computador ah é e o celular é o computador é o grande aaA não é o grande

  • Constantine


     2 months ago

    You unique!

  • Lena Sawatzky

    Lena Sawatzky

     2 months ago

    Please play a song with Yiruma 😍

  • Joshua Cotton

    Joshua Cotton

     2 months ago +2

    Narcissistic female who sells fictional 'challenges' and recycles the same junk over and over

  • Caradon Schuester

    Caradon Schuester

     3 months ago

    What comic book is it based on?

  • FirePhoenix523


     3 months ago

    What happened to the little exchange between Artemis and Calix at the start of the Upside music video? We want it back!!!
    But seriously, great song and amazing video Lindsey! Keep it up!

  • Matthew Tratz

    Matthew Tratz

     3 months ago

    The music video was interesting. Anybody else wish it were a movie?

  • joshua lepretre

    joshua lepretre

     3 months ago

    #lindseystirling is coming to my home town to preform at the Peoria civic center on Dec 6th that's cool as ever I was in Chicago when she was there filming that one thing she did there too

  • Artem Basenko

    Artem Basenko

     3 months ago

    Будемте посмотреть.

  • Grebb Marvin

    Grebb Marvin

     3 months ago

    This is very cool video. Great job creating such a amazing video

  • Erin Vinson

    Erin Vinson

     4 months ago

    New sub here binge watching your vids. You rock my face off! 💖

  • Ilse Fernanda Fano Toto

    Ilse Fernanda Fano Toto

     4 months ago

    My love🤘💛

  • Alex Alycat

    Alex Alycat

     4 months ago

    Nice prank! More videous about Artemis story.

  • Kittytoast


     4 months ago +3

    uncultured swine here but what comic is this based on?

  • Romina Aguero

    Romina Aguero

     4 months ago

    Lindsey 💗 please do e duet whit Tyler butler Figueroa!! Sería hermoso!!

  • Uh Marshy

    Uh Marshy

     4 months ago


  • Silverjay


     4 months ago