Can Prince Harry and Meghan really become ‘financially independent’? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • The Queen has agreed a "period of transition" in which Prince Harry and Meghan will spend time in Canada and the UK.
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    In a statement following the family’s crisis summit at Sandringham, the Queen has made it clear that Harry and Meghan “do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives”.

    James Clayton reports on how the couple might achieve financial independence and in the studio Mark Urban is joined by columnist Kate Maltby and royal commentator Dickie Arbiter.

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  • Craig Whitehead

    Craig Whitehead

     2 hours ago

    Love Dickie Arbiter but I really want to buy the chap a new tie

  • Dominic A CHRISTIAN

    Dominic A CHRISTIAN

     4 hours ago

    Didja notice megan is always smiling and harry always looks apprehensive.
    Harry gave his testicles to her as a wedding gift,so there was no need for her to cut them off herself.

  • unoino 111

    unoino 111

     10 hours ago

    The bottom line is the royals have a habit of sacrificing commoners who marry into their family, they did it to Diana, Fergis, and kate, they allowed the media to drag these women thru the mud as long as they left the royals alone, not one of their husbands or the palace came to their defence, the difference now is that Harry chose to buck tradition and defend his wife, so now you people think that Harry has lost his mind because he chose to say enough is enough leave my wife alone, he told you retards from the beginning, I love her and I'm not going to play these stupid games with you, remember it got his mother killed. By the way where is the pedophile Andrew??? That's how much power the royals have, destroy Meghan and save Andrew, GTFOH you weirdos are a waste of oxygen

  • Kezia


     10 hours ago

    Independent, my arse! They're just giving up the Sovereign Grant, which is 5% of their funding. The other 95% comes from Duchy of Cornwall, that is, Charles.
    People are going crazy about independence, but no, it's not what it is.

  • cjmvegas


     16 hours ago

    Since Frogmore staff has been dismissed, will the queen return the tax payer money that was used to fix it up? I suggest use it for a public bed and breakfast and charge a mint

  • Rosemary K

    Rosemary K

     18 hours ago

    The narcissistic commoner AND divorcee Meghan has turned a real Prince into a vagabond! She must be proud of her vile achievement, which I am sure was just another dramatic role in her menu of delusions. She was living an "ordinary life" before, never took private jets, and she certainly bared her body in trashy TV episodes for a living! And she was just a D-List actress. How does that compare to the royal life she desperately fought to get, and which she now views as trash? This is a crazy psycho who will end up throwing the Prince and his kid under the bus when she again gets tired of living like a commoner! Moreover, she views babies as an environmental pollution! Yeah, you heard that right! Britain, get ready to welcome Prince Harry when he returns looking like a chewed up beggar! 😢

  • shur7318



    Obama and Hillary trio has enlisted Harry for THIER next heist Megan was Harry’s honey pot resulting in marriage you figure it out ! This is a globalist move exploiting Harry for nefarious purposes in the future follow the money

  • JesseSaintJesse



    Oh poor Meghan, she can't walk to the shops from Frogmore college, the house she CHOSE to live in...what is he talking about?

  • JesseSaintJesse



    The Canadian people are NOT prepared to pony up for H and M's security to the tune of over 75% according to the latest pole.

  • Stephanie Santos

    Stephanie Santos

     yesterday +1

    A bitch with a pussywhipped husband

  • Sophie Hart

    Sophie Hart

     yesterday +1

    What's funny is I remember before their wedding Harry said in an interview 'Meghan will have the family she never had'... she wasn't happy with her own family and she isn't happy with this family either. What is she happy with?

  • Mac Trece

    Mac Trece


    This bitch knew what she was getting into before he got married w him. That fools an idiot for marrying that dumbfuck!

  • Sandra YancySmith

    Sandra YancySmith


    Absolutely they can! They are both well educated, brilliantly creative, have strong work ethics, generous of heart, time and attention involving social activism......and they have millions of supporters around the world. All this talk about tax payers money spent on them. What about the money they generate for countries throughout multiple industries. Money, titles, privileges; means absolutely nothing when one feels like a caged Bird in a gilled cage.

  • monstersince



    of course of course. we can comment on royalty but not the scum sucking criminal piers morgan or the BBC GMB shit. piers has a shit load of libel cases won against him his girlfriend sub editor Mirror group with actions still pending. reminds of the blind BBC exec hypocracy over jimmy saville

  • bencaspar




  • galea27



    Here he is again. Good old Dickie bombing up his pension with nonsense comments. Funny how these people come out the of the works when there’s cash to be had!!

  • Alex Daniel

    Alex Daniel


    Good on her. Get your baby as far away from that family of Nonces and Nazis as possible. Who would want to raise a child around those degenerates.

  • Rosemary K

    Rosemary K


    She knew Prince Harry was part of an institution with royal duties. She should have stayed in her lane, then we wouldn't be seeing these antics! This can easily be described as a treasonous Prince turned puppet at the hands of his narcissistic, non royal, divorcee wife! They can't eat their cake and have it, too! 😠

  • diane Hornbrook

    diane Hornbrook


    They would make Canada more money by who they are her clothes ,Archie etc. That made the UK millions

  • A dina

    A dina


    Why is everyone obsessed with Meghan and Harry! Why can’t people leave them alone and respect their privacy!