Artemis - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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    Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
    Production Company: Green Glow Films
    Producer: Hans Boysen
    Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves

    Director of Photography / Steadicam / Drone: Niels Lindelien
    1st AC: Sam Goddard
    2nd AC: Dewey Tann

    Hair & Makeup: Alison Christian
    Artist Assistant: Lindsay Fishman

    Dancer: Addison Byers
    Dancer: Kailyn Rogers
    Dancer: Jessica Richens
    Dancer: Taylor Gagliano

    Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
    VFX Supervisor: Daniel Craven
    VFX Artist: Mitch Reaser
    Colorist: Andrew Finch

    Director Rep: Laure Scott
    Behind The Scenes: Kelly Balch

    Production Assistant: Davis Mansmann
    Production Assistant: Julian Grandberry
    Production Assistant: Gavin Dye

    Film Location Commissioner: Ally Vander Poel
    Special Thanks to Kelly Balch & Tulare County

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  • Libtards Suck

    Libtards Suck

     6 hours ago

    Lindsey from hot!!!

  • Yarshua Ashen

    Yarshua Ashen

     14 hours ago

    Very goog

  • bernd adamer

    bernd adamer

     17 hours ago


  • Attila Czékmány

    Attila Czékmány

     19 hours ago

    Fenomenal and amazing!!! Fantastic moving fantastic violin playing!

  • A Slice Of Orange

    A Slice Of Orange

     22 hours ago

    Anyone else get really strong Strega/dark mori vibes? The video is stunning

  • Brandon Long

    Brandon Long

     23 hours ago

    i thought she was the protector of infant and young girls? Its said she would make the mother sick for whatever reason but then heal her
    Its who i thought she was but i wanted to ask questions. (Artemis) daughter of Zeus and Leto, Twin to Apollo.

  • Тима Кондратьев

    Тима Кондратьев


    Прям идеал.

  • Sean Wilson

    Sean Wilson


    so, uuuhm... the violin dubstep genre, that's in the past for you, Lindsey? O_o

  • Azzy Productions

    Azzy Productions


    This is her best one for me ..

  • Lillian ONan

    Lillian ONan

     yesterday +1

    What is your favorite song by Lindsey? What is your favorite song, Lindsey?

  • Greshnik RUS

    Greshnik RUS


    Лучшее что видел на сервисе!

  • Yrui Z

    Yrui Z



  • Irik No

    Irik No

     2 days ago

    OwO ehehehe epic

  • Санёк RoDihc

    Санёк RoDihc

     2 days ago

    Ты прекрасна и без этих девчёнок!
    Наслаждаюсь твовими композициями!

  • semperfi215


     2 days ago always

  • Andrzej Szul

    Andrzej Szul

     2 days ago

    This is great 😪 tkanks.

  • Marcos Vinicius

    Marcos Vinicius

     3 days ago

    Ela ainda toca mto!

  • Paul Uhlig

    Paul Uhlig

     4 days ago

    What a talented and amazing young lady. You rock. 😍😍😍

  • Davlin


     4 days ago

    Vanessa Mae first got me into the violin and now Lindsey has rekindle my passion I would love to see the 2 play together

  • Kevin M

    Kevin M

     4 days ago

    So this song is about lesbians, right?