KTM Ride Day SPOILED! Almost LOST His FINGER! Electric Dirtbikes?

  • Published on:  Monday, April 1, 2019
  • WORST. TRIP. EVER. What could go wrong?

    Sorry that this video is a little random! I didn't film much and everything is kinda just throw together since I didn't plan to vlog that day! Did you like it however? If so leave a comment saying you read the DESCRIPTION! Would I go to another KTM ride day? HECK YEAH! Who doesn't want to ride other peoples bikes!
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  • Gary Burbank88

    Gary Burbank88

     7 days ago

    I love my Yamaha Dt175 2 stroke i love my Honda 200s three wheeler my Baja Warrior 200s trail bike

  • aphilapy


     7 days ago

    Are you good dog

  • Gage Walker

    Gage Walker

     14 days ago

    You suck at riding and and u make to many excuses I just stated riding and I’m better than you

  • Mr Dawson gaming

    Mr Dawson gaming

     14 days ago

    That’s not duck take it’s Gorilla tape

  • Jolynn Mitchell

    Jolynn Mitchell

     a months ago

    I love your videos and they are funny really funny 😂

  • parker thompson

    parker thompson

     2 months ago


  • Riley Farrell

    Riley Farrell

     2 months ago +3

    “These burms are trash”

    Your just bad at turning them

  • Swisha Antho

    Swisha Antho

     2 months ago

    So nobody noticed the beer in the beginning 🤣

  • Nelson Riley

    Nelson Riley

     2 months ago

    As that all you do is wine about everything

  • HD david

    HD david

     3 months ago


  • Waylon hayden

    Waylon hayden

     3 months ago

    Sorry Julie is I never would do that but you took all your mind into it to riding dirt bikes do writing anything you want me to do that you just don’t just sit around and play video games like fortnight or four or truth or dare right now and I love you I love you buddy hope you feel better and you Braden price by Julie is my red rice

  • Jolonda Tysor _ Staff - OakGroveES

    Jolonda Tysor _ Staff - OakGroveES

     3 months ago +1

    Make a video when you ride your old bike and Julia’s rides your bike

  • Kale Mulder

    Kale Mulder

     3 months ago

    You suck at ridding dirt bike

  • Joey Bolin

    Joey Bolin

     4 months ago

    #joeybolin #bradonprice

  • Cboystv Cboystv

    Cboystv Cboystv

     4 months ago

    You ride like a pussy

  • Dominic Johnson

    Dominic Johnson

     4 months ago


  • Timothy Kuebler

    Timothy Kuebler

     5 months ago

    Get a 4 stroke

  • kingfrm 260

    kingfrm 260

     5 months ago

    Here is a pro riding tip you know u dont have to use the clutch when you shift up try it it goes was faster

  • Gaming Idol

    Gaming Idol

     6 months ago

    580k utuber still doesn’t change the profile pic

  • Black


     6 months ago

    ok, i need some help my quad its a small fckin 110CC automatic(ik its a shoit quad) but its better then nothing. anyways the chain keeps coming off no matter what i do. i tighten it,loob it,clean it but it still falls off, is it worth buying a trans quad or buying a new hole new sprocket and a new chain?(BTW i live in the UP and there is ALOT of woods,mud holes AND pure clay wixed with quick sand where i live. so i get stuck alot. any body that can help me please respond THX!