2WISTD - This EVO will BLOW YOUR PANTS OFF!!! (10000000%)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • DROP THE BASS/PANTS - It's not a show car until the subs are shaking your clothes off, so in this episode we attempt to get 2WISTD banging out some epic tunes!

    This episode is shot 'Disrespected Nose' Style - this means no music, no VO and minimal editing. We hope you enjoy it!


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/TwygL7-K9Bc


  • Mighty Car Mods

    Mighty Car Mods

     11 months ago +1449

    This 48 minute special episode is 'disrespected nose' style - no music, no voice over and minimal editing. Enjoy the sheer unadulterated beauty that is 2WISTD! Next time we hit up the Dyno for some 2SEXY crushing power figures...

  • CallMeMrX


     4 days ago

    "Gettin ya trackies dacked" haha so Australian

  • BigSteve 380

    BigSteve 380

     14 days ago

    I appreciate the little 2 no cuts. Out of the years of customizing stereo's since the 90s it gives ppl an idea of the true thought that needs 2 be put into it. I can tell the guy no offense shouldn't of hooked anything up or worked on it and I give him props 4 leading most of it to ppl who kno what their doing. I miss my eclipse component speaker set with the boxes that help prevent the speakers from not only blowing but taking away the lower frequencies that are not healthy mid range door subs and tweeters. Ran into my 250 Sony amp old school and the subs ran with cap, JL 500/1 hooked up bridged to two 12in hcca duel voice coil subs. In a 92 Honda civic hatch. Loved it! Now running a 04 VW Passat awd 5speed 1.8t wagon. 😀

  • Marina Rafei

    Marina Rafei

     21 days ago

    this shit complicated as hell

  • David broadchat

    David broadchat

     28 days ago

    48:00 i think they found some powder in the car

  • James Bonham

    James Bonham

     1 months ago

    Just too many adverts...

  • Ron dela Rey

    Ron dela Rey

     1 months ago

    They should have played Get Low - Lil Jon for the first song coming out of the car. NFS Underground tribute

  • Dylan Crosby

    Dylan Crosby

     1 months ago

    I love how they keep referring to the car like it's all wheel drive lmfao

  • tim harper

    tim harper

     2 months ago

    I don’t know or even really care anything at all about car audio, yet I watched this entire video. Commitment.

  • Fred Lima

    Fred Lima

     2 months ago

    In England it's called kegged, (referring to pulling the trousers down)

  • Evil Mod Pixie

    Evil Mod Pixie

     2 months ago

    looks like the second owner of that car messed up the wiring. I doubt it was disconnected after being built up for shows originally.

  • Up Over Games

    Up Over Games

     3 months ago

    That song is hot trash but the video saves it

  • Chrastian Higgar

    Chrastian Higgar

     3 months ago +1

    When i get good speakers in my car one day.
    I'll blast some Lil boom - Already dead instrumental

  • Antoni Gates

    Antoni Gates

     3 months ago

    This is so dope; the golden age of car modding that made me love tinkering with my own vehicles. I’d genuinely love to get my hands on that sound system and upgrade it to 11.

    I will say, the amp sitting in the excursion path of the sub broke my heart a little.

    Dope work gents.

  • Saddendude


     3 months ago

    The leatherwork is alright, but everything underneath is straight outta the ghetto...

  • Mooseknockerz


     4 months ago

    We all said: "All in"

  • Reegan Brown

    Reegan Brown

     4 months ago

    8:18 Moogs Shirt is just 👌🏻

  • NoGoodAtGaming


     4 months ago

    loving the Racka Racka merch

  • Mike234311882 -

    Mike234311882 -

     4 months ago +1

    My pants were not blown off, mostly because I was not wearing any in the first place.

  • andy mandy and sheba

    andy mandy and sheba

     4 months ago

    not an EVO NOT AWD sorry moog but i sill like 2sexy