Green Day x Beat Saber with “Father of All...” at The Game Awards

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 12, 2019
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  • Pokey


     7 days ago

    Billie does not need auto tune bruh

  • Magma


     7 days ago

    beat saber????? green day????? a match made in heaven

  • Joshua Legaspi

    Joshua Legaspi

     21 days ago +2

    Look Jason White in 1:10

  • Steven Vargas

    Steven Vargas

     1 months ago here some emo music

  • Steven Vargas

    Steven Vargas

     1 months ago

  • Steven Vargas

    Steven Vargas

     1 months ago

    This is emo

  • Brax fan

    Brax fan

     1 months ago

    Well done Green Day on all your success 🌟 awesome songs, albums, concerts, touring. You excel yourselves every time πŸ’šπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ’ŽπŸ‘Œ

  • Jøsef EivørFan

    Jøsef EivørFan

     1 months ago

    could someone please tell me the name of that guy who sang at the time of Control?????

  • MrImOriginal


     1 months ago

    Is no one else bothered by beat saber being nominated for VR game of the year two years in a row?

  • Anthony Shelton

    Anthony Shelton

     1 months ago +5


  • Matthew Meditz

    Matthew Meditz

     1 months ago +7


  • Jairo Sullca Mendoza

    Jairo Sullca Mendoza

     1 months ago +4

    Green Day los mejores

  • Fatalpatronus18


     1 months ago +8

    Notice how we barely got any beat saber moments

  • This Isnt Me

    This Isnt Me

     1 months ago +3

    What time did they come into the stream?

  • Václav Berný

    Václav Berný

     1 months ago +15

    I am amazed. The crowd is not dead. Feels like first time in history of bands playing for different audience. :D

  • Nice


     1 months ago +1


  • Travis Highfill

    Travis Highfill

     1 months ago +5

    Why not include Welcome to Paradise as well?!

  • Bagheera Race Gamer

    Bagheera Race Gamer

     1 months ago +1

    Thank you Greenday... thanks to you, the complete video of TGA 2019 is blocked by WMG, and I can't watch it

    screw both of you!!!!

  • Reshiram52


     1 months ago +8

    1:58 best part of the awards

  • Vi Tu

    Vi Tu

     1 months ago

    Green Day became shit after American Idiot