David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • YouTuber and all-around nice guy David Dobrik guesses how 1,016 of his fans responded to a 17 question survey about him. From his first kiss to his favorite body wash scent, David attempts to guess the responses of the majority of his fans and lets us know how spot on they really were.

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    David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue
  • Source: https://youtu.be/S01TyKbhEjo


  • Urielly Shouldn’t Have

    Urielly Shouldn’t Have

     23 hours ago +1

    When Jim halpert popped up I squealed

  • GhettoPenguinGaming


     2 days ago

    Guys please subscribe to me im a aspiring streamer who wishes for a better gaming community in india i stream pc games!!

  • Bajablast Yt

    Bajablast Yt

     2 days ago

    Anyone else wanted to see the trick

  • De Qi

    De Qi

     3 days ago +1

    It shouldve been David getting a late night talk show not Lily

  • Mickailah Duverne

    Mickailah Duverne

     4 days ago

    “Irish Spring, i don’t know what that is” lmaooo!😭😭 that’s bc he’s not Haitain

  • Zoe Townsend

    Zoe Townsend

     4 days ago

    Comment if you were Joel

  • Michael VandenBerg

    Michael VandenBerg

     5 days ago

    I get the same compliments as David and I have the same half baby face he has and I just learned I've used the same wash as him my whole life. I think I'm in love.

  • Maha Doraney

    Maha Doraney

     6 days ago

    A McDonald’s burger maker
    No but I’m a McDonald’s burger eater

  • Caleb Brook

    Caleb Brook

     6 days ago +3

    5:20 “my mom used to bathe me in it when I was 11” wtf David ur mom showered u when u were 11😂 My last shower with parents was like 6 lmaoooo

  • Kat Hamilton

    Kat Hamilton

     7 days ago

    I love listening to him talk 😭❤️

  • roly polyz R kool

    roly polyz R kool

     7 days ago

    when ur mom bathes u when ur eleven years old :^o 5:19

  • Positiviteaspill


     7 days ago

    10:22 I felt that, never related more

  • Masiela Cardoso

    Masiela Cardoso

     7 days ago

    How would his mom be 37

  • Melisa Lopez

    Melisa Lopez

     7 days ago

    why was a liza video recommended first...

  • Ana Natalia

    Ana Natalia

     7 days ago +1

    His laugh gets me every time

  • Josué Zeledon

    Josué Zeledon

     7 days ago

    At 6:16, that take was smooth

  • Dax Sherwood

    Dax Sherwood

     7 days ago

    I am eating breakfast

  • Willow Dragonfruit

    Willow Dragonfruit

     7 days ago

    your welcome.

  • Debashree Das

    Debashree Das

     7 days ago

    Hay c'mon guys he looks so much like 'David Schwimmer' like y did no one say that

  • Isabel Lopez

    Isabel Lopez

     7 days ago +2