• Published on:  Thursday, November 7, 2019
  • this is embarrassing honestly

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RNXEyd0mHm4


  • Alexi Hanner

    Alexi Hanner

     9 minutes ago

    why is this the most relatable video ever

  • Aria Jones

    Aria Jones

     17 minutes ago

    Emma saying we all have a type & feels like we're judging her.....

    But like me with Baseball Players

  • Gina Stone

    Gina Stone

     26 minutes ago

    She said that she likes a guy that skate boards and Eathen literally skateboards 😏

  • Nicole Nierva

    Nicole Nierva

     49 minutes ago

    Emma's editing skills are getting betterrrr🔥🔥

  • Taylor Morrison

    Taylor Morrison

     an hour ago

    Yoooooo y’all are all saying eathan left the chat BUT HE STAKE BOAREDDSSZSZSZ

  • Peachy Pineapples

    Peachy Pineapples

     an hour ago

    When all the skaters are cringing 😬 lmao

  • miranda rose

    miranda rose

     an hour ago

    people who think she was talking ab ethan🤡(it’s a joke chill i love ethan but it’s pretty obvious she wasn’t talking ab him lol)

  • Morena Maria vlogs

    Morena Maria vlogs

     2 hours ago

    touches her hair every 5 seconds **

  • Kevin Bambabate

    Kevin Bambabate

     2 hours ago

    is she talking about Ethen breaking her heart. I mean he skates

  • Farhat Adel

    Farhat Adel

     2 hours ago

    me: does Ethan skateboard?

  • VenturousArtist


     2 hours ago

    Well, skateboarding is cool because of Tony Hawk but that's nothing.
    Impressing me would just require confidence and less bullshitting.
    Oh, and nudity. Lots of nudity. Confidence and nudity is sexy to me.

  • G Gaming

    G Gaming

     2 hours ago

    Doesn’t eathan Dolan skateboard

  • Charlovve


     2 hours ago

    Yo what up bitch

  • Stella Swanson

    Stella Swanson

     2 hours ago +1

    Anyone notice that Ethan Dolan skates

  • Cheeky Chubs

    Cheeky Chubs

     3 hours ago

    Omg she likes TONY HAWK

  • Dude Respect

    Dude Respect

     3 hours ago +1

    Aaron hulls videos are very similar to Emma’s style ? , it’s okay though, as long as the Dolan twins are gone , it’s fine With me . I hate the Dolan twins . I’m glad Ethma is gone.

  • Anthony Gambo

    Anthony Gambo

     3 hours ago +1

    who else is lucid dreams bc she uploads on sundays again :(

  • Katie&Maeve


     3 hours ago

    Use ma as a "how many times Ethan Dolan has left the chat"

  • Katie&Maeve


     3 hours ago

    Use me as a "Ethan Dolan is her love"

  • Abby Gacha

    Abby Gacha

     4 hours ago

    Ethan Dolan where you at 😂😂