Game Theory: Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK to Pokemon Evolution!

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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    We've done it! We have FINALLY found the answer to what Pokemon Evolution REALLY is! You see, we've all been overlooking the key piece to the puzzle, the lynchpin to the whole problem - EEVEE! This cute little furball is the answer to everything! Today Loyal Theorists, we PROVE Pokemon do not evolve!

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  • The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists

     a years ago +10260

    Yes, I know I misspoke about the Leaf Stone bit at the end, but the whole "level up in a mossy area" way to get a Leafeon still works with epigenetics. The environment of "mossy" or special areas are acting as the environment triggers to UNLOCK the genetic code. Fighting in a mossy area is forcing the Eevee to evolve in that direction to improve their battle prowess specifically in those environments, hence the genes becoming unlocked.

  • DarkFrozenDepths


     6 hours ago

    Long story short, this is normal evolution at a much faster rate...

  • ZerixiPlayz


     17 hours ago

    A charmander basically is a baby charizard
    Its just called evolution

  • Alexa Arevalo

    Alexa Arevalo

     18 hours ago

    Your dangit cute mat and he looks just like you

  • sugarandspice



    you have a really cute baby

  • Maria Salto

    Maria Salto


    I spelled evolve wrong

  • Maria Salto

    Maria Salto


    A Charmander supposed to be a charmeleon and then it falls again then it could becomes a Charizard

  • Asadullah Khan

    Asadullah Khan


    why are the subs so weird

  • Silver the wolf

    Silver the wolf

     2 days ago

    This gave me an idea what if we used this principle to create real life Pokémon obviously I’m not going to play God but you know just an idea

  • Helen Rhodes

    Helen Rhodes

     2 days ago

    You forgot charmelion

  • your assertive meadow friend.

    your assertive meadow friend.

     3 days ago

    pan people be like

  • Cassidy


     4 days ago


  • ryan gamez

    ryan gamez

     5 days ago +1

    My book proves that mat pat is right! if you bye the Pokemon super deluxe essential handbook and go and read Eevees description it says " Eight different Pokemon evolve from the amazingly adaptive Eevee, according to current studies. It`s unstable genetic structure allows for this incredible diversity in Evolution."

  • Hurricane Vlogs and Talks

    Hurricane Vlogs and Talks

     5 days ago

    I'm really starting to get mad at people that write the captions for videos. Like, no one using captions wants your input on everything the person says. Captions are so those with hearing issues can still enjoy content. Not for you to get some "fame" when you aren't even funny.

  • Ya Like Jazz

    Ya Like Jazz

     7 days ago

    This might sound kinda stupid, but I didn’t know that a royal jelly is real.

  • POKE'MASTER Fire Ball

    POKE'MASTER Fire Ball

     7 days ago

    but if two adults together you don't get a adult, you get a baby same for pokemon

  • joshua evans

    joshua evans

     7 days ago

    Will you except my challenge?

  • YShouldDo


     7 days ago

    You okay, Mat?

  • Eli Lackey

    Eli Lackey

     7 days ago

    Actually if you throw a water Stone at pikachu it will become pikablue

  • Hayden Lyon

    Hayden Lyon

     7 days ago +1

    When your genes don't work
    "Have you tired turning it off and on again?"