• Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Bond is back. The first trailer for NO TIME TO DIE arrives this Wednesday.
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  • Adam Dominguez

    Adam Dominguez

     18 hours ago

    where is trevelyan

  • Chong Chapman

    Chong Chapman

     20 hours ago

    No time for the rocks....

  • Spagbowls & parma cheese

    Spagbowls & parma cheese

     22 hours ago

    No time to WOKE..

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

     23 hours ago

    007: The Day to Die, coming never.

  • G G

    G G


    Better not be boring like Spectre

  • Kim Kaiser

    Kim Kaiser


    i have a bad feeling this will be my last bond film... they are incorporating all these negros, and its just not going to be the same,,, i have no interest in seeing another film or iconic idea being poached by the PC crowd,,,

  • Mj Jones

    Mj Jones


    Charlies angels with James Bond BIG DEAL I’m not Impressed 👎🏻

  • HeyCrabman14



    We're going to announce trailers now?

    It LITERALLY took me longer to write this comment then the video! 😖

  • Wes McGee

    Wes McGee


    I think Sean Connery is calmly drinking a Scots whiskey whilst watching, saying aloud, " you're good kid. But as long as I'm around, you're second best".

  • Emily An

    Emily An


    I misread the title as No Time to Diet and I was like "damn straight"

  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith



  • music man

    music man

     yesterday +1

    "arrre, I see your a oo agent? What's your code? Oh James, it 00 Mary Sue!"

  • I-IA/\/\ N

    I-IA/\/\ N

     yesterday +1

    Full trailer released. 100% sure now 007 is in fact a woman. I will never watch bond again.

  • Taha Ejaz

    Taha Ejaz


    To sum up Craig's Bond movies:-
    1) Casino Royale: Great.
    2) Quantum of Solace: the opposite of great.
    3) Skyfall: little bit great.
    4) Spectre: greater than Quantum of Solace but not greater than Skyfall.
    5) No Time To Die: No time to say great.

  • Young Vac

    Young Vac


    I have clothes on my eBay if anyone is interested

  • Teresa Sobrino

    Teresa Sobrino


    El mejor Daniel G.Sexy super varonil cuerpazo super actor

  • D255 TV

    D255 TV


    Bohot Bohot Indian Xxxxxxx Video #funny

  • Leonel Quintanilla

    Leonel Quintanilla


    The name is bundy,al bundy,

  • Gerry Maloney

    Gerry Maloney


    Its all good for now but once they bring in FEMALE 007 this series is FUCKIN OVER !

  • Розарио Агро

    Розарио Агро

     yesterday +1

    James bond is still a white man! Very good news!