Lindsey's Beginnings - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 19, 2012
  • These are all videos that I planned and edited when I was in high school.

    Thanks to my first band, Stomp on Melvin, for giving me my start in the music business and thanks to Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, DJ Sammy, Kelly Clarkson, and Shakira for inspiring me to make videos.

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  • Emanuel Moreira

    Emanuel Moreira

     7 days ago

    Uau that was a blast from the past 👏

  • Grebb Marvin

    Grebb Marvin

     21 days ago

    Every one has a beginning
    That Syfi in my opinion was pretty good for someone doing it for the first time. Bravo

  • Reynold Nugter

    Reynold Nugter

     2 months ago

    Watched all the way to the end! :-))

  • Yessenia Green

    Yessenia Green

     4 months ago

    I attend the high school that you use to go to

  • CareBear Speaks

    CareBear Speaks

     4 months ago


  • spOokYjAegaR 42069

    spOokYjAegaR 42069

     5 months ago +1

    Who else goes to Lindsay highschool?
    Mesquite high school

  • Femy Lamsis

    Femy Lamsis

     7 months ago

    When i heard avril lavigne song 😮😮😮😮😮

  • Femy Lamsis

    Femy Lamsis

     7 months ago

    When i heard avril lavigne song 😮😮😮😮😮

  • Floyd Looney

    Floyd Looney

     8 months ago

    Stomp on Melvin should have a reunion. lol. Who was Melvin?

  • Enzian Zoan

    Enzian Zoan

     9 months ago

    you're unbelievable

  • David Suda

    David Suda

     9 months ago

    The best movies are always really good or really bad. I would love to see your movie with Allison Prrgler!

  • Букер


     a years ago


  • Joshua Lanham

    Joshua Lanham

     a years ago

    Love this! Why am I just seeing this? keep up the awesome work and love the vids!

  • ARELIS520


     a years ago

    jajaja... it´s so funny... the videos XD

  • Tasneem Rahman

    Tasneem Rahman

     a years ago

    the cringe is real

  • Alice Kasey

    Alice Kasey

     a years ago

    We love the fact you're a nerd. Most of us are too. Never change!

  • Mauro


     a years ago

    Now i see why she has that 90s haircut

  • Академия Конструктивных Решений.

    Академия Конструктивных Решений.

     a years ago

    0:36 ты записывалась с Аврил? Я поймал с её фото свой первый вирус, который убил весь исходный код html моих первых страничек который учился создавать.

  • Чай с малиной

    Чай с малиной

     a years ago

    русское vsie - это не модно

  • Rachael B.

    Rachael B.

     a years ago

    This was awesome :)