Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • When Ed (@edbolian) was selling cars, not all of their inventory came from cars they would buy, sometimes they got repos from exotic car banks. Some of them came from some high profile clients.

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  • The Depth of Darkness

    The Depth of Darkness

     2 days ago

    Dumb rappers using there label advance to buy Bentleys and going broke is super common but, JD has had his own label since the early 90s with Kris kross, DA BRAT and hes a  great writer/producer . he's had major success with everybody in R&B and was even married to Janet Jackson for awhile. Jeez, How much money does it take to buy and keep a Lambo because hes not new to large money.

  • Kustom Hooligans

    Kustom Hooligans

     4 days ago

    I own a 2009 Tahoe, 2005 Mercury Mariner, 1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL, 1997 Trans Am WS6, 2002 Yamaha R1, 1966 Honda CB450, 1991Honda CBR 1000, 1954 Harley Panhead, 72 Harley Shovelhead and I dont make any payments! How? I bought them through private deals with people who were in tough spots or just didnt care about the vehicle anymore and I believe I bought the Trans Am first about 16 years ago. Ive had EXACTLY 2 CARS financed, a 2004 Dakota Quad Cab and 2010 Buick Enclave and trust me when i say, there was no one happier than myself when I made my last payment on those cars! My sister financed a Plymouth Breeze in 1999 for $19,999 and by the time she had paid the car off she paid close to $28,000 for the car and it was only worth $3,500 at that point. That taught me an important lesson, to pay $$CASH$$ I know it csn be difficult and you need some patience, but setting aside money from every check will afford you financial freedom. My sister could have taken the $9,000 she paid in interest and bought 4 $2,000 cars that were worth $3,500 and sold them for $3,800. Then rolled the $3,800 into a car worth $5,000 and sold it for $5,700. You can keep going or now you have $5,700 instead of OWING A BANK THE $5700 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $3300 FOR 5 YEARS ON INTEREST! Banks absolutely serve a purpose at times. but make sure you serve yourself first and not a financial institution!

  • Says Chims

    Says Chims

     7 days ago

    Rappers in actually don't have money the label gives out money for them too flex

  • Vince Barassi

    Vince Barassi

     7 days ago

    Leominster Massachusetts 😂

  • timothy brown

    timothy brown

     14 days ago

    Ok plan A we are going to cut the frame run a coolant line put a jack on the axle and a boot on the exhaust OR plan B you can put the factory wheels on it and enjoy it
    JD Plan B makes sense cause I can’t hear you we do so def over this bitch

  • Trista Fravel

    Trista Fravel

     14 days ago

    Repossession of vehicles is just another racist system of control in America that the white man keeps poor black people like Mr. Dupri from having the transportation they need to earn a decent living.

  • SuperCookieGaming


     21 days ago +1

    i’m going to be honest that yellow lambo with those “ridiculous” wheels actually looks ok.

  • DEXTER’S Laboratory

    DEXTER’S Laboratory

     a months ago

    Dummies always gotta fuck up cars with stupid sized wheels

  • Oliver Skatt

    Oliver Skatt

     a months ago +1

    1980’s: A bunch of rock stars buying exotic cars then selling them later in life.

    The 2000’s: A bunch of rappers renting cars then not returning them because they can’t afford what they really want.

    I guess real music buys you better things.

  • Larry


     a months ago

    Not to generalize but I had experience at a very high line preowned very well known dealership and yes a ton of these guys are cash/credit poor. One guy had a 520 fico and did a few shows to make $35k so we could in house him. We also had amateur boxers wanting to flex like they were Floyd Mayweather. One guy lived at his moms drove a challenger and would walk through the dealership on the phone acting like he was walking through his garage. He’d pay $400 to take a car for few hours for his fight and put his pics all over social media like it was his. Had a 50 mile limit and had to be back at dealership by 3am so he could hit the club with it too. All these jokers get exposed in the long run, now a few years later the boxer has 2 kids sells furniture and part time trains. Makes him look like bigger failure from all the childish antics from a few years ago. The fake it till you make it mentality makes you look like a joke and embarrassment to humanity.

  • Roger X

    Roger X

     a months ago

    Wanna know something nuts? Keulyian's lawyers argued that Volkwagen was complicit, and the judge agreed. "In May 2014, Keuylian’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charge against him for failure to state a criminal offense. The motion argued that “even if Keuylian did not intend to repay (Volkswagen Credit) the money it loaned him when he sold 54 cars in October 2008 (which Keuylian vehemently disputes), this would not constitute a ‘scheme or artifice to defraud’ within the meaning of the federal wire fraud statute.”

    The motion argued that the indictment did not accuse Keuylian of selling the cars with the intent to obtain additional money from Volkswagen Credit, nor did it accuse him of intending to defraud Volkswagen Credit when he borrowed the money in the first place.

    On June 2, 2014, Judge Carney granted the motion and dismissed the case."

  • M Dunbar

    M Dunbar

     a months ago

    WHERE THE 2019 boys

  • StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1

    StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1

     a months ago

    Ahh it's the snitch again

  • Michael C

    Michael C

     a months ago

    More like...dupri-ciation

  • Gregory Timmons

    Gregory Timmons

     a months ago

    How do you sell off cars that you wouldn't have titles to? Unless your credit is so good you can borrow on your signiture or put up alternate collateral. Rappers make NBA players look like financial geniuses.

  • Saeed Farahani

    Saeed Farahani

     a months ago

    Shut up long stories that suck

  • gt5freak


     a months ago

    Is it me or is this guys voice really annoying?

  • Dude On Bike

    Dude On Bike

     a months ago

    The cars "weren't below market value" over a couple of years. Their resale value was EXACTLY what the market would pay. Instead, the "market value of the cars" was below what YOU and the banks either thought they were worth, and/or knew what they'd be worth in a few years hence. You just didn't like the low market values of the cars at the time.

  • All Things M3

    All Things M3

     2 months ago

    8-900 miles per clutch. Omg. Cut the x member. I had a Saab come in another shop put a water pump on it and the pump is between the motor and firewall. Well whoever did it they cut a hole in the firewall to change it. It can be done in less than a hour just jacking it up. Wtf do some people think?

  • Rusty Shakleford

    Rusty Shakleford

     2 months ago

    "buy back guarantees and 125% financing it was a really really weird time". By weird you mean fraudulent?