Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • When Ed (@edbolian) was selling cars, not all of their inventory came from cars they would buy, sometimes they got repos from exotic car banks. Some of them came from some high profile clients.

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  • David Watzke

    David Watzke


    "And what about Jermaine?" "Fuck Jermaine! He don't belong speaking mine nor Timbaland's name!"

  • 618 B.K.G.

    618 B.K.G.

     3 days ago

    The second one payment is over I make sure I buy another car. Never get rid of any though. That's the big problem. I own 23 cars. It's not expensive owning them it's expensive insuring them. And storage. I keep having to build more barns to store them in. 🤣😂🤣😂



     5 days ago

    Where is your friends in the bank that can help black people buy affordable houses.

  • Isaiah Espinoza

    Isaiah Espinoza

     6 days ago

    That’s why you buy your shit cash. If you ain’t got upfront money, then you most likely can’t afford it, nor the maintenance.

  • J Stihl

    J Stihl

     7 days ago

    Even if I had it like that, I wouldn't buy these stupid ass cars. I might get a mustang, a challenger or some ish. There's eye brow raising, head scratching expenses associated with maintaining super cars. It's not even worth it.

  • Max Buechi

    Max Buechi

     14 days ago

    Paid cash for my two vehicles. One is 16 years old and the other 11.

  • Dylan Ryel

    Dylan Ryel

     14 days ago +1

    Hey, I'd take the uber ballers.

  • Fanboy 3k

    Fanboy 3k

     14 days ago

    I didn't even know people financed super cars. I assumed that anyone who owns one has enough money that they just purchase the vehicle outright with a full warranty. Third parties leasing wouldnt be shocking but to finance it? Seems odd. The story of the giant wheels and the clutch destruction is hilarious, what an idiot.

  • Mad Pierrot

    Mad Pierrot

     14 days ago +1

    Sadly, these days far too many people are in brand new, expensive vehicles and are oblivious to the fact that the title is owned by the bank and that if something we to happen to them, whether they lose their job, get into some kind of accident that prevents them from working or the bottom falls out of the economy, if they do not keep up with those monthly payments the real owner of that vehicle is coming to take it back. As big of an ego booster as it may be to be one of the countless people with a brand new 70k truck, it feels much better to be one of the people who is smart enough and reserved enough to own a modest vehicle that you paid cash for and actually own outright, knowing that whatever happens, you own your vehicle and do not have a hefty monthly payment. One of the benefits to living modestly is being able to take that extra money and save it towards something smart, such as starting your own business. One day you will be financially stable and will be able to have a nice vehicle in a manner that is not financially irresponsible. Unfortunately the average person is too susceptible to the marketing of self image and living the dream that they cannot be patient and make the right decisions early on.

    Maybe this comment will resonate with a few people and help them to make good decisions that will make their lives much better in the long run.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Mr. Blonde

     14 days ago

    yeah, I'm not broke, 'the market is soft'.

  • Mac Rivera

    Mac Rivera

     14 days ago

    So so def yo



     14 days ago

    Never, NEVER finance an exotic car. If you can't pay cash for it, then find something else.

  • Joey mendoza

    Joey mendoza

     14 days ago


  • fladave99 Mills

    fladave99 Mills

     14 days ago +1

    I stopped paying on my 911, took them 7 months to come and get it, and no ding on my credit. MUCH FUN

  • Isaac Alonzo

    Isaac Alonzo

     14 days ago

    The ultimate form over function, you can't cheat physics. He'd rather have those wheels than a functioning clutch, those rappers do show that you can't buy class.

  • Rover Earth

    Rover Earth

     14 days ago

    Waiting on the next racist rant video from this channel like........ please dont

  • Rover Earth

    Rover Earth

     14 days ago

    Why not just say biggers? Say what you really feel

  • louie aranda

    louie aranda

     21 days ago

    I just realized that lambos suck and they are just for looks.

  • Aryrix 1

    Aryrix 1

     21 days ago

    Will never understand why people want these cars.

  • Hardware Software

    Hardware Software

     21 days ago

    In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin' four lanes
    With the top down screamin' out, money ain't a thang