Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Dragonstone (HBO)



  • Dipping cookies in hot dog water

    Dipping cookies in hot dog water

     3 days ago

    When the teaser was better than the season

  • Andrea Biela

    Andrea Biela

     2 months ago

    Equivalence = naked women, naked men. The end.

  • Jagesh Goyal

    Jagesh Goyal

     4 months ago

    This teaser still gives me chills

  • Franzii


     5 months ago +2

    Everything was about the nightking in the teasers/Trailers!
    He is dead after the 3rd episode! What a shit..

  • Aisha E.S

    Aisha E.S

     5 months ago +2

    The north was nearly destroyed by ice, and the south by fire. Makes sense now.

  • Jagesh Goyal

    Jagesh Goyal

     5 months ago

    The teaser is better than season 8 itself. And I just realised it foreshadowed that westeros was avenged by the white walkers forever.

  • Hum Legaspi

    Hum Legaspi

     5 months ago

    Aokiji vs. Akainu

  • Vedant Singh

    Vedant Singh

     6 months ago +3

    The game of disappointment

  • Jadesola Ajao

    Jadesola Ajao

     6 months ago +5

    Another lying teaser that made the season look cooler than it actually was. Notice how all teasers fed the narrative that the NK was the most important part of the season but he was gone in one episode

  • Robert Mendez

    Robert Mendez

     7 months ago

    The fire burned down the lions... ironic.

  • Sydni Taylor

    Sydni Taylor

     7 months ago +1

    This teaser was fire but the song of ice and fire was destroyed this season. The white walker storyline was treated like an inconvenience this season like nobody else got affected by the army of the dead except for the North. They built up the white walkers as if they would at least wipe out half the population but no they were defeated the first night they came. The white walker scenes were always there to remind us that everyone playing the Game of Thrones doesn't matter because there was a threat coming to wipe mankind off the face of the earth forever but this season showed us that playing the Game in fact was more important...idk anymore they just threw out what they built up for 7 and a half seasons.

  • Anjelica Foley

    Anjelica Foley

     7 months ago

    That's really sneaky with the lion on fire I see what you did hbo

  • David Weise

    David Weise

     7 months ago

    0:20 foreshadowing

  • Mr. Macedon

    Mr. Macedon

     7 months ago +2


  • Rodney Avery

    Rodney Avery

     7 months ago +1

    So that was a fucking lie

  • Rishank Singh

    Rishank Singh

     7 months ago +6

    Everything makes sense now,
    But not as expected....

  • KYNGA100


     8 months ago

    The wolf is engulfed in ice. One dragon will die because of the ice. The fire will devour the lion, but then continue to burn everything until the ice turn into stone to stop it.
    Aka, Jon will embrace his Stark side and stay in the North, Cersei (and Jaime) will die because of Daenerys. Daenerys' thirst knows no limit so she will need to be put down. The clash between ice and fire is Daenerys and Jon's final moment.
    Yep. This trailer can be seen as a big spoiler for the last 2 episodes of season 8.

  • Winona& Mhay88

    Winona& Mhay88

     8 months ago

  • SG 008

    SG 008

     8 months ago +6

    Now the season is over its makes perfect sense... Ice in the North, fire burned the Kings landing... Both forming a wall in the middle.... Means the north being independent kingdom.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Vishal Minoz

    Vishal Minoz

     8 months ago

    We need new season 8