Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"

  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
  • The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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  • Vandelay Industries

    Vandelay Industries


    Ok Marques we know who's lubricant you. But there is a Tesla killer, and it comes from the same country as the Tesla himself - Croatia.
    The Rimac car.

  • bootlegtunic870


     5 days ago

    JerryRigEverything sounds like a beefier Grant Thompson

  • Glitchy Soup

    Glitchy Soup

     6 days ago

    In your video description Rivian has deleted the video. Maybe they have some problems

  • Iñaki Orozco

    Iñaki Orozco

     7 days ago

    I tought this was a usb that kills your tesla lol

  • Damitejo Dahcluolk

    Damitejo Dahcluolk

     7 days ago

    So I went on to Rivian Facebook page and asked the question on quite a few of their post and pics "Will this pick up be able to be charged at any Tesla charging station?" and I got blocked from them HMMMMM? Why not answer instead of blocking me Rivian?

  • Ben 590

    Ben 590

     7 days ago

    You make it sound like Tesla is the only company with a good charge network. there is also a large net work of chargers that use the more common SAE J1772 that is found on most other electric cars

  • JaredSVX


     7 days ago

    This looks better than the CyberTruck... Looks and practicality... Convience, yet to be seen

  • saipavankumar muppalaneni

    saipavankumar muppalaneni

     7 days ago

    Big companies like Lambo will sure die🎉
    Waiting for Roadstar

  • Ishaan Veanchira

    Ishaan Veanchira

     7 days ago

    It is 2020

  • Camilo Solórzano [Music]

    Camilo Solórzano [Music]

     14 days ago

    It's like no companies want to use the Tesla Supercharging network just to not give Tesla more credit, profit or something about electric cars... like if they hate it only based on "competition" concept and not about the future of this planet. World needs more electric cars, they're the closest future for transporting rn. The fact there are starting companies on e-cars is a plus! But if we have a foundation thing that everyone could hang up to, then fucking use it just for saving!!

  • Spikeupine


     14 days ago

    I think the goal of these startups should really be creating a prototype that works so they can sell to a bigger manufacturer to get the production going

  • Paul Murray

    Paul Murray

     14 days ago

    This is the electric vehicle I’d buy. He’ll no to the Cyber Truck!

  • Deangelo Jobson

    Deangelo Jobson

     14 days ago

    The cyber truck has killed this killer

  • Jamual Harris

    Jamual Harris

     14 days ago

    Isn’t rivian backed by Ford? I reserved both, the cybertruck and the rivian. Let’s see what happens.

  • Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar

     14 days ago

    That beeping made me 🤯

  • neocollective


     14 days ago

    It's too late for anyone to become a "Tesla Killer", which is just a click enticing video title. Tesla has solidly positioned it self in the market years ago setting flag in uncharted territory that is now theirs, that's just how market share works. For another company to take it from them now is an uphill and cost prohibitive endeavor, not to mention having to outsmart E. Musk in the process.
    Tesla's competition is intelligent enough to go for a different market segment but notice that Tesla instead can go after anyone else's market because their identity was built on radical and substantial innovation. Additionally, Tesla has a name, a face and a story behind it whereas other companies do not.

  • svgPhoenix


     21 days ago

    Who else here after Rivian's "tank turn" video released?

  • Lauris Majors

    Lauris Majors

     21 days ago

    118 KW Thats 6 times more than this apartment building with 300 people

  • Cxpu 92

    Cxpu 92

     21 days ago

    I think he is right, there is no such thing as a Tesla killer, but it would be nice to have more options, Tesla made electric cars appealing, and now a lot of companies are pushing to create an electric car to compete with Tesla. I don't see Tesla going anywhere any time soon, but i do see new and current companies stepping up their game and creating electric vehicles that can compete with Tesla

  • Fearless Walker

    Fearless Walker

     21 days ago

    Anyone think there's a chance that JerryRigEverything will cancel his Rivian pre-order for Cybertruck???